Ease Your Transition To Presonus Studio One

Hal Leonard publishes Studio One for Engineers and Producers   19-Feb-13

Ease Your Transition To Presonus Studio One

Hal Leonard Books have been in touch to tell us that they are now shipping Studio One for Engineers and Producers

They say that this Quick Pro Guide is specifically designed to help engineers and producers who are already comfortable using another DAW software platform make the transition to Studio One. The author and audio engineer Bill Edstrom says: "I've done projects in just about every DAW on the market. To use most of these systems you need to be in a very technical frame of mind. I was looking for something simpler - something to get creative songwriting ideas out. That's when I discovered Studio One."

Studio One for Engineers and Producers starts by relating Studio One's layout and functionality to other common DAWs, to identify the most important similarities and differences. It then follows the creative process through the normal progression of a modern recording/production. Hal Leonard says that this new cross-platform (Mac/PC) DAW is built from the ground up for speed, efficiency, and power and that Studio One for Engineers and Producers is the perfect tool to shorten the pathway from installation to inspiration.

The book is accompanied with 12 new video tutorials covering the key concepts. Studio One for Engineers and Producers demonstrates the creative, practical, and technical benefits provided by PreSonus in this application. Hal Leonard says that all instruction is presented in straightforward and simple language that gets right to the point, taking into consideration the need for amateurs, home studio owners, and commercial professionals to get up to speed very quickly. They believe that readers will enjoy the numerous tips and real world examples. Edstrom adds: "I was recording with Studio One as a canvas for creativity. But I realized that I could produce music end to end without really needing to use other tools.  In short, Studio One is fun to use!"

About the author
William Edstrom, Jr. (Milwaukee, WI), an author, audio engineer, and business owner, is best known for his video tutorials on DAW technology, mixing, mastering, and plug-ins for Groove 3. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering, plays guitar and bass, and has decades of experience in all aspects of recording and sound reinforcement. A lifelong student, business owner, instructor, and the creator of Lilacwriter.com - an online co-writing tool for songwriters - Bill is an alumni of the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Harvard Business School. He publishes video tutorials for Studio One in his YouTube channel Lilacwriter

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ludoles    Said...

I always check out this website before buying music software - www.producesound.com - My personal favourite is ableton live 8 because it's easy to use whilst also being able to do some very complex editing tasks.

19-Feb-13 02:23 PM

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