Have Your Say: What Is The Best Distortion Pedal Of All Time?

We're looking for the one distortion to rule them all   12-Mar-13

Have Your Say: What Is The Best Distortion Pedal Of All Time?

"Disturbingly in love", "almost too close" and "verging on weird" are all terms that have been used to describe our relationships with our pedals by our close friends and family here at Sonic State.

But we don't care what society thinks of our relationships with our pedals, and we're on a quest this month to find the best distortion pedal in the world.

No mean feat when the market is literally full of great sounding distortion pedals. But we want to know what your favourite is, so have your say.

We're looking specifically for the best distortion pedal, not an overdrive pedal. The list was partially nominated by members of the 'Boutique Pedals' group on Facebook, and also nominated by contributors and staff at SonicState.com.

The list includes entries from the likes of ZVEX, EHX, Wampler, Boss, Catalinbread, and much much more.

We will not rest until we've found the best... Have your say below:


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adrian    Said...

i think that the Amptweaker tight rock and tight metal are the best distortion pedal out there!!!

12-Mar-13 09:54 AM

Lode    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle

12-Mar-13 10:15 AM

Bobski    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle! Best of the best!

12-Mar-13 11:00 AM

Zoe T    Said...

Wampler Triple Wreck......oh yeah!!!

12-Mar-13 01:04 PM

Zoe T    Said...

Wampler Triple Wreck......oh yeah!!!

12-Mar-13 01:04 PM

Eric    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe=best dirt box ever.

12-Mar-13 01:04 PM

Mike    Said...

wampler Pinnacle

12-Mar-13 01:49 PM

Rob    Said...

Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

12-Mar-13 04:37 PM

nohaybanda    Said...

Marshall Shredmaster

12-Mar-13 04:47 PM

James P    Said...

Greatest of all time people! The DS-1 has been on sale since the late 70s, if the wampler triple wreck is still on sale in a couple of decades it could be a contender for sure... do another poll in 20 years.

13-Mar-13 03:49 AM

Del-Uks    Said...

Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive

13-Mar-13 10:59 AM

DrProgNerd    Said...

I understand the DS-1 votes for the run it's had but it simply cannot stand against Wampler. I'd have said the Pinnacle takes it but then Brian outdid himself with the Sovereign - an amazingly versatile pedal.

17-Mar-13 10:04 PM

Rich    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle

19-Mar-13 11:34 AM

Mailou    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle !!

24-Mar-13 08:35 AM

Alexander    Said...

ToneCzar OpenHaus

24-Mar-13 08:50 AM

Rich    Said...

Wampler Pinnacle

24-Mar-13 11:25 AM

GizzleFitz    Said...

Big Muff

31-Mar-13 10:20 AM

j    Said...

DS-1, but only if used in conjunction with another Boss box (OD-3 or SD-1), for stand alone, Wampler Pinnacle.

10-Apr-13 03:56 PM


Amptweaker Tightrock, and 320design Brown Feather

29-Apr-15 06:33 PM

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