Seaboard GRAND Wins 2013 SXSW Music Accelerator

New instrument is heralded as a technological breakthrough for musicians   14-Mar-13

News just in... following up on our previous stories, ROLI has been announced  as the 2013 Music Accelerator winner for its Seaboard GRAND at the SXSW Music Accelerator in Austin, Texas

Upon awarding ROLI with first place in the SXSW Music Accelerator, Evan Lowenstein, Accelerator emcee and judge, said, "The Seaboard is clearly the brainchild of a passionate visionary who found a way to capitalize on digital technology to open up a whole new world of possibility for musicians."

Roland Lamb, CEO of ROLI, commented, "We're thrilled to have won the SXSW Music Accelerator. ROLI is building new bridges between music and technology, and since SXSW brings together these two worlds in a unique way, gaining this recognition here is a tremendous validation of the remarkable work of the whole ROLI team developing the Seaboard."

A limited edtion of 88 Seaboard GRANDS will be available for pre-order worldwide starting in April 2013.  Each Seaboard GRAND will be hand-assembled to order in the ROLI studio in London. In recognition of its provenance, each will be named after a particular note on the piano keyboard, from A0 to C8.                                 

About ROLI
Based in London, England, ROLI is a design-led technology startup founded by Harvard graduate Roland Lamb. The ROLI design approach combines simplicity, elegance, and sensuality to create products that enable unique user experiences. The Seaboard is powered by the SEA Interface, ROLI's own patent-pending platform technology for building pressure-sensitive touch interfaces. ROLI is currently developing applications in music, personal computing, robotics, medical devices, gaming, and vehicular and machine control.

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pat    Said...

Its a cool concept. But i am afraid this thing would cost a fortune for most musicians.

14-Mar-13 04:09 PM

Controller_bored    Said...

Agreed. This will be consigned to the dust bin of controller technology along with the Haken Continuum and Eigen Harp.

Yet another company formed by a few 'hobby enthusiasts' who have done no marketing, manufacturing or distribution R&D, so will utterly unimplementable, outrageously priced and remain a novel idea with no practical future.

Sonicstate - why are you filling up multiple news items with this worthless story?

18-Mar-13 03:12 PM

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