Matt Bellamy Smashes Up Guitar And Throws It In Crowd

Kurt Cobain moment for Matt Bellamy   18-Mar-13

In a style reminiscent of Kurt Cobain, Matt Bellamy threw his guitar high into the air and it came crashing back down with a bang. The Muse guitarist did it at a gig in Las Vegas on Sunday night, and then threw the guitar into the crowd.

According to some of those present at the gig on Twitter, a fight broke out between those trying to get their hands on the guitar, and Matt Bellamy can be heard (at the end of the video above) saying "Keep it friendly out there".

You can see Matt's guitar smashing stunt in the video above, at about 5 minutes in.

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jimbo    Said...

Las Vegas, not Mexico, love :)

18-Mar-13 05:48 PM

Yuk    Said...

What a tool.

18-Mar-13 08:25 PM

RP    Said...

The Muse fan part of me thinks Bellamy is an amazing musician who has contributed so much over the years.

The Guitar fan part of me thinks, what the F Bellamy. All the work that went into making that instrument undone in a few pointless seconds.

19-Mar-13 12:31 PM

ginx    Said...

not feeling it, sorry

19-Mar-13 01:32 PM

Wildman    Said...

A bit of a lame lob into the crowd.....keep it friendly down there.....goes a bit against the whole angst thing.

19-Mar-13 05:12 PM

Christinexxo    Said...

This was in Vegas(Mandalay Bay), not Mexico.

21-Mar-13 01:58 AM

Sonic Sub    Said...

Thanks guys, corrected Vegas/Mexico thing now.

22-Mar-13 06:06 AM

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