Product Presentation: Roland VR-09

Solid electro mechanical sounds plus synths   26-Mar-13

The announcement of the Roland VR-09 - the latest in the V-Combo line from Roland didn't really rock my world, but several people have commented on the need for a reasonably priced "meat and potatos" keyboard for working or gigging keyboard players, which the VR-09 is squarely aimed at.

Little known Roland fact - Mr Kakehashi, the founder and CEO of Roland Japan, prior to his Roland days, was MD of Hammond Organs in Japan and when Roland was first formed, the VK-09 was one of the early products - a drawbar organ.

The VR-09 also features an Organ drawbar section to compliment the Piano and Synth Sections - but what's most apparent is the amount of creative control afforded by the 7 performance effects.

I'll let Roland UK's Gareth Bowen take you through the featues of the VR-09, with its 128-note polyphony and a street price of  just over 700 quid, it weighs a mere 5KG.

Available April 2013



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Peter K.    Said...

This thing seems cooler than I thought. Might make for a great 2nd keyboard when you need a decent organ, or tweakable synth.

26-Mar-13 05:31 PM

Andy    Said...

Excellent demo guys, told me most of what I would like to know. Pls can I check: 1) are the 6 effects saveable per patch or if they are on, do they stay on when you change the patch? 2) how does the organ sound & tweaking compare to the VK8? Thank you

26-Mar-13 05:57 PM

Andy Liggins    Said...

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26-Mar-13 05:59 PM

Andy Liggins    Said...

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26-Mar-13 05:59 PM

brian from usa    Said...

I like the price ($999 in USA) which is half of what Hammond SK-1 goes for. I can see this as being a much better gigging board than my Motif...very interested in this one.

26-Mar-13 06:19 PM

Dastardly    Said...

Good review, you gave him a good grilling there Nick.

Am I right in thinking that you went in thinking 'meh', then came around by the end?

Also, those organs did sound good - any chance of some soound demos? Or did they take it home with them?

28-Mar-13 07:08 AM

Nate    Said...

Great review. Also looking forward to trying out the VR-09 in the shop.

Nick, thanks for doing the review of this synth. I'm not sure if this type of synth is one you're interested in, but I am glad you did the review because I appreciate easy-to-carry keyboards that sound good. Very tired of lugging around heavy stuff :-)

29-Mar-13 11:45 AM

Nick B    Said...

Dastardly, yes to be honest I wasnt expecting much, but I did think more of it by the end.

29-Mar-13 05:16 PM

Kevan Barrett    Said...

This looks really good, but do you know if has a better key-bed than the Juno DI,as I found that very strange to play on.

12-Jun-13 02:58 PM

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