The Top 5 Boss Effects Pedals

We reviewed 30, here are our 5 favourites   30-Mar-13

4. Boss OC-3 Super Octave

For me, Boss are at their best when they are producing pedals that process your signal and turn it into something completely different. The DD-7, the OC-3, the Tera Echo, the Harmonist. They are all incredible fun, and really make you play in a different way.

The Boss OC-3 Super Octave has one function - it makes your guitar sound incredibly evil by adding in an extra octave (or two) up to two octaves below your input signal.

The OC-3 also includes a drive mode, for adding distortion to the output signal, and also a polyphonic octave mode, so you can play chords.

It just sounds great, and it inspires some pretty cool riffs.

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DEV    Said...

hints of Nothing Else Matters? lol

03-Apr-13 10:34 AM

Funkdefino    Said...

Enough with the BOSS effects pedals... PLEASE!

09-Apr-13 12:12 AM

imreoir giotar    Said...

i use a digitech rp90 guitar effects modeler into a vypyr guitar amp modeler

12-Apr-13 04:26 PM

Anjan Ray    Said...

I was searching for the Enhancer pedal but it has been discontinued. Does MO 2 replace the EH pedal and add something on top of it ?

31-Oct-13 11:43 PM

Ricochet    Said...

Cool. Thanks for sharing. These videos are really helpful and I like your guitar-playing skills :)

23-Feb-14 06:58 PM

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