Jordan Rudess Shows You How To Use Push

Ubiqitous keyboard wizard presents tutorial video on Ableton's new instrument   02-Apr-13

Jordan Rudess Shows You How To Use Push

We knew it wouldn't be long until Jordan surfaced with a new product! has released Push 201 - Jordan Rudess - Pushing The Limits, a new video tutorial on Ableton's Push.

A spokesperson told us "Ableton's Push is the most innovative new instrument to hit the market in years. So we decided to place one in the hands of the world's most innovative keyboard player: Jordan Rudess. See how Dream Theater's synth wizard pushes Push to the limit!"

Here's the details in's own words:

When we proposed this course to our partners at Ableton, we wanted to see what magic might happen when a master musician/composer met Push for the first time. So we sent a pre-release version of Push to Jordan Rudess and gave him week to learn it before our camera crew appeared a his front door. We set up a video shoot –in his technology filled music room– and set the stage to let Jordan share his experience and expertise in creating and performing with Push.

What most people don't know about Jordan is that he dedicates a lot of his energy to education. It's important to him, and that's why his teaching skills come across so clearly as he shares his music-making genius and technological chops while interacting with Push.

Jordan first takes you through track construction, building beats, chords and leads. He explains music techniques you can deploy to help you get the most out of Push's interface. He then dives into fingering techniques you can practice to help you get the most out of Push's touch-sensitive keypads. As he continues to build his track, Jordan generously shares precious musical tips learned from years of experience in the studio making records and on the road.

Watching a masterclass on Ableton's Push led by a maestro like Jordan Rudess is an event that must not be missed. So sit back and see how to take your Ableton Live music-making to a whole new level with Ableton's incredible new instrument: Push.

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Billy    Said...

Stop Jordan Rudess.

02-Apr-13 02:11 AM

Tom    Said...

Does anyone have a Push at all? A salesperson told me that the first batch for all of Switzerland was 200. Two hundred. More to follow end of June.

02-Apr-13 07:15 AM

BuddhaPhi    Said...

Just received mine in the US yesterday. It arrived a week later than expected. I pre-ordered in early January. Availability varies greatly by region and reseller.

02-Apr-13 08:08 AM

Dan Stenning    Said...

Received mine excitedly last thursday.

Sadly I'm returning the unit and requesting a full refund.

Why ?

1)  In NOTE mode,  a significant number of the note buttons that are supposed to be WHITE - are in fact PINK.   This is not only a QC issue but deeply distracts from the creative process. 

2) Even with the PSU plugged in, many of the buttons in their "dimly lit" state ( ie not "ON" are barely readable unless one is  using the unit virtually in the dark.

3) When playing notes in the NOTE mode on the buttons, the sensitivities of buttons varies, causing some pads to   "stutter" - others to sound too loud.  This makes the device unworkable for entering ideas on the fly, unless one severely limits the  MIDI velocity range by use of the ableton MIDI "velocity compressor" effect - which defeats the point of having pressure sensitive pads.

Hopefully this is a rare case and others have hallily got units that work fine.

Had it been only 1 and 3 - AND had these issues been able to be sorted by a firmware upgrade coupled with - say a program that can CALIBRATE the colours/brightness of each pad, and the sensitivity of the pads i might have been prepared to wait for this to happen ( if possible )

But 2) seems an issue that is purely hardware. And All n all i just dont think it works for me.

There is a last issue for me - and that is sadly something unavoidable - and that is that - yes, this is a kind of "instrument" and gets us away from mouse + screen.

The downside is that we are now back in the "Japanese" land of many modes. Namely what the knobs and many rubber buttons do depends on which "mode" you are in.

This - for me at least detracts from the creative process. I need to have as much as possible - a one button. one knob situation wherever possible. And - talking of "instruments" - this is why so many pro musicians end up going for a NORD instead of a japanese keyboard when gigging.

02-Apr-13 10:01 AM

Tim    Said...

Is there anything he won't endorse?

02-Apr-13 10:44 AM

loneraver    Said...

Hey Jordan Rudess! I'm looking for a cool bar out in Washington DC. Can you endorse something for me?

02-Apr-13 11:18 AM

Wildman    Said...

I think we should give Jordan Rudeass a bit of a break. I mean you have to get it in while you can.

02-Apr-13 01:19 PM

UnAbleToPush(n)    Said...

On the Ableton Web site they are saying "Shipping in 16 or more weeks". Is this still the situation? That's 4 months away. Why are they advertising it now?

03-Apr-13 06:44 AM

To    Said...

Ironically the word 'push' played a big part in our Tuesday, my unit arrived as did my new daughter. Goes without saying I haven't even gotten to open the controller packaging yet so it sits there as a reminder of my previous free time :) some day

03-Apr-13 07:22 AM

William    Said...

True. Jordan Rudess does endorse a lot of products. But I believe this to be so because he is an avid lover of technology. He's no different than any of us. We all want to know how the "latest thing" works too. And how it may fit into our own lives. If anything, great to have someone who really cares about that. Jordan Rudess. Thank you!

03-Apr-13 07:52 PM

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