MESSE13: Pro Tools 11 Overview

We get an overview of the new Audio Engine   10-Apr-13

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You've no doubt seen the press release from Avid with the big news of the now 64-bit capable Audio Engine. We caught up with Tony Caridi, who gave us a chance to digest the main changes to the Pro Tools 11 64-bit audio engine.



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Icke    Said...

Nicely spoken... but in fact Avid cuts of all previous plugin support and forces customers to buy new DSP hardware making their investment in old products obsolete. Once more.

10-Apr-13 01:54 PM

Podcaster    Said...

Recording channel buffer? Offline bounce?

So it's just like LOGIC 9 then?

10-Apr-13 03:24 PM

nativeVS    Said...

@Podcaster It's actually like Logic and Cubase have been for years by now.

10-Apr-13 07:11 PM

xyzzy    Said...

4m18s: How to tell you're dealing with a marketing person...

"This is a small MacBook Pro with four cores..." That's a 13" MacBook Pro and at present there is no quad-core 13" laptop available from Apple. I'm sure that's all he got wrong during this presentation ;)

10-Apr-13 07:51 PM

tritone    Said...

i think its a bigger mbp. notice the screen... pro tools is showing 4 cores...

11-Apr-13 02:27 AM

pedantnick    Said...

Notice the absence of speaker grilles on either side of the machine. :-) It's a 13" dual-core i5. 2 physical cores and 2 virtual (HyperThreading) cores.

11-Apr-13 01:06 PM

tritone    Said...

so the presenter was correct, a small macbook with 4 cores?

11-Apr-13 09:04 PM

Amateurtools    Said...

I bought an m-audio profire2626 so as to acquire Protools software - and what to AVID do - sell m-audio and leave 2626 owners stranded, currently not even with Mountain Lion drivers or any prospect of them coming out.

Protools is the defacto industry standard, but they do not give a damn about project studio users.

Who care what Protools software can or can't do - when it comes to their hardware AVID are even more untrustworthy than the worst of the worst companies.

They literally ripped off thousands of prospective Protools software users and then utterly abandoned them. Professional - Not!

12-Apr-13 01:23 PM

George    Said...

Offline bounce-a long time request=for a long time Avid ignored this request from their customers while other competitors have had this in their software for the longest time. Avid is clearly falling behind their competitors.

18-Apr-13 10:43 PM

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