Podcast: Sonic TALK 308 - Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo

Mark Tinley interviews   10-Apr-13

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69:7 mins

No Live show this week due to our being at the Frankfurt Music Messe show, but Mark Tinley, a regular guest on the show has secured interviews with Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo - guitarist extraordinaire.

All three worked on the recent release of TV Mania's "Bored With Prozac and the Internet?" - we interviewed Mark Tinley and Anthony J Resta a couple of weeks back - an enjoyable episode, of you want more information.

Mark has kindly spoken with both Nick and Warren about their take on this project - a sort of prophetic take on what was about to come with reality TV and surveillance - prior to it actually happening - TV Manias album was originally finished back in 1995/6 and has only recently been recovered due to the loss of the masters.

Thanks to Mark for putting this together for us, these guys don't often give interviews.

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onimpulse    Said...

Very interesting stuff, thank you!

10-Apr-13 03:19 PM

curious    Said...

Great music and interviews. Thanks. What kind of influence was "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" from Eno/Byrne 1981?

10-Apr-13 07:46 PM

robngs    Said...

Great interviews, really interesting - thanks Mark.

11-Apr-13 08:03 AM

Warrenwc    Said...

Sold me the album for sure. Tempted by the franchise thing...

11-Apr-13 02:56 PM

vertigobluetm    Said...

Excellent interview! Nick Rhodes started my interest in going into synthesizers years ago. Thank you Mark and Sonic State!

12-Apr-13 05:34 AM

moss    Said...

Very inspiring music! Thanks!

14-Apr-13 01:41 AM

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