MESSE13: EHX Random Tone Generator

Randomly Generates Tones   11-Apr-13

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2:7 mins    

The Electro Harmonix Random Tone Generator randomly generates tones. That is all.


Rob H

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Moondog    Said...


12-Apr-13 06:22 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I thought this was an April Fool originally.

12-Apr-13 12:39 PM

Twitchy    Said...

This random tone thing, is meant for a guitarist?? I suppose someone with a lot of effects, and who has never used a synthesizer before…. maybe, ….

However, why doesn't ElectroHarmonix really do something neat a re-mod ALL of the other pedals with CV, so that other people (synthesizerists) have easy access to EHX effects (rather than warranty destroyed DIY mods, which rather educational), but nonetheless warranty destroying). Probably better bang for their buck, in terms of 'experimental' users and uses

14-Apr-13 07:58 PM

Mee    Said...

Wow, how worthless !

27-Dec-13 11:20 AM

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