Studiologic Sledge Polyphony Doubled

Firmware update provides analog modeling synth with 16 voices   08-May-13

Studiologic Sledge Polyphony Doubled

Studiologic has announced that a free firmware update is available for their  Sledge analog modeling synthesizer.  The upgrade, which effectively doubles the instrument's polyphony from 8 voices to 16, is already in all new units, and is available for units already in the field as of spring 2013. The Sledge OS 1.4 firmware update is available here.

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Recently nominated for the prestigious M.I.P.A. award for innovative products in the keyboard category, Sledge has become a staple in the live rigs and studio arsenals of world-class keyboardists Derek Sherinian, Jordan Rudess and Geoff Downes.    Studiologic believes that its bold look, 3 oscillator per voice architecture, powerful Waldorf-designed engine (including PPG wavetables) and knob-laden interface have made it one of the must-have synthesizers of the modern era for everything from classic sounds to cutting edge EDM.

Marco Ragni CEO of Studiologic, told us, "The Sledge has been highly praised as a unique and powerful sound creation device. This new firmware updates spotlights StudioLogic's commitment to constantly improving the instrument for all its owners, even the early adopters."

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Richard    Said...

The studiologic sledge is what the Nord Lead 4 should have been - at least this synth can afford an LCD display! (not to mention a 5 octave keyboard).

20-May-13 03:49 PM

Peter K.    Said...

The factory presets aren't the greatest, but you can make some really cool sounds with this instrument. I love the interface, but I'm frustrated by some of the limitations in modulation and controller assignments.

The action feels good though; much better than the plasticky King Korg; though the KK is more versatile and sounds great out of the box. I might be tempted to take this over that just because the interface and because the keybed feels so much nicer and has aftertouch (though limited to vibrato I believe).

26-May-13 12:47 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I just remembered that the issue I had with the Sledge was that the aftertouch was assigned to whatever the mod wheel was assigned to as well. I'd really like for them to be different, eg. filter cutoff for one and vibrato for the other, etc. Still, the interface and playability are great, and it does sound very good!

04-Sep-14 01:09 AM

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