Korg USA Launches New Consumer Awareness Initiative

Combatting unauthorised online sales and protecting musicians   16-May-13

Korg USA Launches New Consumer Awareness Initiative

In an effort to combat the ill-effects of unauthorized online sales of musical instruments and help protect consumers and authorized dealers in the U.S., Korg USA is rolling out a consumer awareness initiative this month.

Korg USA is sending out a consumer message through various means, alerting consumers about unauthorized sellers of its U.S.-distributed brands (Korg, VOX, Blackstar, Lâg, HK Audio), and the hazards of purchasing from them, including:

  • Voided warranties
  • Inferior product quality in the case of counterfeit goods
  • Ineligibility to participate in any mail-in rebates or specials
  • ...and more.


To help consumers ensure that they purchase Korg products from an Authorized Dealer and to protect their Korg product purchase benefits, all authorized Korg dealers have been given an "Authorized Korg Dealer" seal to display on their site. In addition, each brand's website will now also include a list of known unauthorized sellers so that when consumers search for a local dealer, they will also be able to identify which online sellers are not officially sanctioned to sell the brands' products in the U.S. (note: the list is not all-inclusive, and will be continually updated).

Korg USA CEO Joe Castronovo told us, "Korg USA values the family of musicians who have chosen our brands. Our intention with this initiative is to help them make informed decisions to protect their purchases and get the most out of their experience with our products."

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nna    Said...

this awareness initiative launched really make sense. http//www.unn.edu.ng

16-May-13 05:29 AM

MQ    Said...

Don't make me laugh. Build quality first then maybe its worth to clone whatever. And what about the Electribe app you cant use in your tracks? Korg = Chinees junk

16-May-13 09:34 AM

KBD KID    Said...

If the products are worth their warranty - authorized or nor, why wouldn't the company owned by the manufacturer stand behind it?

02-Jul-13 10:09 PM

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