Podcast: Sonic TALK 313 - In Space No One Can Hear You Strum

Space Oddity, awesome modular action, pokey laptop,, ear breaks   16-May-13

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71:38 mins



Win a copy of Iris, by leaving a comment  below - we have one copy to give way to the most worthy comment (no criteria specified). Winner will be announced in next weeks show.

This week we start with the awesome ISS Space Odditty video, then on to the brilliant video from Future Music with Benge at his modular synths, we talk about the Rain Computing LiveBook V super laptop and finally a discussion on how yo manage ear/brain breaks during intense sessions.

Thanks to Echosonic oiin the chat room for the show title.

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PJ3RD    Said...

Why should i win it? well i'd love synthesizers and i'll like to try something new.

16-May-13 11:14 AM

audionerd    Said...

I want to win it because I'm really interested to see whether I can make something with it that comes close to the beginning of Michael Jackson's "Another Side Of Me"!

16-May-13 02:24 PM

audionerd    Said...

That should be Another Part Of Me.

Spotify link: http://open.spotify.com/track/21VCYxPZ8A2XpSNUyQCT3B

16-May-13 02:25 PM

mikebeck    Said...

I once ate a spectral cheeseburger, and now even my thoughts are synthetic. Hence, I need a tool to help express these things.

16-May-13 04:52 PM

Eau1983    Said...

I deserve to win Izotope's Iris because I'm going to do spectral synthesis remixes of Hannah Montana under the pseudonym "Mylie's Iris".

16-May-13 08:14 PM

Tom    Said...

I need to win because I went to school with an ugly girl called Iris. Therefore, I never liked the name. Getting this wonderful tool would be my chance to give new meaning to those four letters. Also, I liked the demo of course, wonderful synth.

17-May-13 01:26 AM

Warren Christiansen    Said...

Irises smell as bad as Iris sounds good. Therefore I should win!

18-May-13 01:42 PM

DJMoz    Said...

apparently Chris Hadfield recorded the vocal and guitar in space, the rest was tracked on earth by his friend, Emm Gryner, who played piano over his vocals

18-May-13 09:23 PM

Wildman    Said...

Music Technology has had an impact on space travel for a long time,it was an EV mic which amplified Neil Armstrong's famous words on his arrival on the moon's surface in 1969.

Did anybody think that Chris Hadfields vocal needed a bit of eventide's blackhole reverb?

19-May-13 12:38 PM

Arnie in Hawaii    Said...

I'm playing this back on Monday, May 20th Hawaii time. I bet if you give a copy of Iris to Bret Domino, he would incorporate it in a video that you could use for additional promotion. Just a thought. Sonic Talk is a fantastic web broadcast! Onward and upward.

20-May-13 02:29 PM

Loneraver    Said...

I'd like to win because I have missed an episode of Sonic talk in over 6 years and I've competed in both the sonic theme contest and This is How I Juno (I was one of the weird ones) but didn't win either. 

21-May-13 05:21 PM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

I only use hardware synths, but I find Izotope's Iris very interesting so I should win it so it will be the only soft synth that I'll be using

22-May-13 06:20 AM

chris    Said...

Just devastated my bank account by getting a modular synth, so could really do with some free stuff..

22-May-13 06:56 AM

loneraver    Said...

Stupid phone autocorrect. I HAVEN'T missed an episode in 6 years.

22-May-13 04:20 PM

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