Podcast: Sonic TALK 314 - Harmonic Massage Gong Bath

Jazira Meganome, Visage album, opening a new studio, Elaine Radigue   23-May-13

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74:30 mins

Dave Spiers
- GForce Software
Mark Tinley - sound artist and part of the TVMania project

We start with a look at the Meganome controller and Jaziri robot drumming band, then the new Hearts and Knives Visage album, then we discuss what a facillities a new recording studio should have, finally the work of esoteric electronic composer Eliane Radigue.

Win a copy of Iris, by leaving an Iris related Haiku poem  below - we have one copy to give way to the finest poem. Winner will be announced in next weeks show.

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FailedMuso    Said...

Competition Entry!

Take pictures of sound Form a sonic collage The Iris in full bloom


With mighty Spiers My sonic palette is full Of Iris in spring

23-May-13 02:36 PM

robgs    Said...

My crack at the compo! - A Pool of chaos, A wand circles the waves, Visions are caught.

23-May-13 08:04 PM

Ben    Said...

Interesting exercise. Should I dare? I'm not a native english speaker. Ok Let's go ... Here's my humble try:

Pulsating stars light, behind the pixels makeup, sound nature revealed.

24-May-13 02:18 AM

Fly    Said...

New sounds unearthed Imagined A treasure chest

24-May-13 01:21 PM

Fly    Said...

'cos it won't do returns: New sounds unearthed. Imagined. A treasure chest.

24-May-13 01:23 PM

Klemen Kotar    Said...

Iris and ozone above a summer wind across the track simple joys of life

25-May-13 12:50 PM

Klemen Kotar    Said...


Iris and ozone above, a summer wind across the track, simple joys of life.

25-May-13 12:51 PM

Sabrewave    Said...

See the sounds alive revealed, seal the sonic possibilities..

26-May-13 02:36 PM

Warren Christiansen    Said...

A picture will sing, Fragrant flower make it so, The sound will be seen.

29-May-13 03:08 PM

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