Will Apple Announce iRadio Today?

WWDC Keynote later -streaming services perhaps?   10-Jun-13

Will Apple Announce iRadio Today?

The web is rife with rumours surrounding Apple's latest event. WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) traditionally is aimed at the Apple development community - a headsup of whats just about to drop so that everyone can get their ducks in a row to well, develop.

Of course, given the impossibility of keeping a conference full of switched on tech heads schtum about any secret sauce, Apple have ended up using it as a way to announce to the world what they intend and as we know, they don't say anything thats not more than 30 0days out, so we're talking imminent.

The percieved wisdom seems to point to some kind of music streaming service, dubbed iRadio by the media. Something akin to Pandora rather than Spotify. Where Spotify has you able to search and play whatever is online as you like, free but with a premium service for ad free and mobile, Apple's service might be more of a recommendation systyem, perhaps like Last.FM.

You start at point A, then a musical journey is dynamically created for you based on what you tell it you like etc. Seeing as The Genius system has been quietly sending packets of playback data via iTunes player for some time, so they must already have shedloads of information on our habits - we're talking 500 million current iTunes accounts here.

Several news services will be live running commentary as the event happens tonight 6pm GMT. Additionally, Apple will be live streaming the event to Apple TV and on their own site.

Or perhaps thats not it at all - what are you expecting/hoping for?



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phraggle    Said...

Logic Pro 10, please!

10-Jun-13 11:00 AM

Ron Burgundy    Said...

I'm kind of a big deal, people know me. Due to this I need Apple to release a new Mac Pro so I can record some jazz flute. Right, I'm off to punch a co-anchor in the ovaries...

10-Jun-13 11:04 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I'm loving the Activation Lock in iOS. Stick it up your a*** iPhone thieves!!!

10-Jun-13 02:10 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I wouldnt have thought they would release any new Software Apps other than OS updates. Its a Dev Conference after all.

10-Jun-13 04:28 PM

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