Propellerhead Reason Synth On Your iPad

Thor makes the move to iOS   21-Jun-13

Propellerhead has announced the immediate availability of Thor for iPad. They tell us that Reason's flagship synth has made a leap to the iOS platform and offers a custom mobile interface, expressive playing features and the same great sound as in Reason. Here's the full details in their own words...

Thor is a comprehensive synth app for the iPad. Designed for mobile music making, it features a responsive interface optimized for hands on control, an innovative keyboard and the same massive synthesis engine as its desktop cousin. It's the same semi-modular synth with the same set of selectable oscillator and filter types and the same advanced routing of audio and modulation.

Aside from a regular piano style keyboard, Thor features a keyboard that can be locked to specific keys and scales, making it impossible to hit a wrong note. This is particularly useful on a mobile device when playing directly on the screen. More than just helping the player to stay in key, this musically aware keyboard is a source of endless inspiration and experimentation.

Thor is a synth enthusiasts best friend, with six oscillator types and four filter types to choose from and virtually endless ways of routing and manipulating audio and modulation, this is a very powerful synth to bring on the road. It's an ultra portable instrument for playing or a synth workshop for just having fun. Aside from the built-in keyboard, Thor can also be played via MIDI from an external keyboard or sequencer. With support for Audiobus, Thor's audio can mixed in other music making apps on the same iPad.

A Thor patch created on the iPad can be transferred to a computer for use in Reason. Instead of starting from scratch, a user can quickly load a patch from the built-in sound bank. Thor comes with more than 1000 expertly crafted patches from artists and sound designers such as Richard Devine, Vengeance, Kill the Noise and many more.

Pricing and Availability:
Thor is available in Apple's App Store now for $15.99

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RP    Said...

Advert is a bit gimp but I grabbed the App last night and it's another Props classic. Amazing UI, clever as anything input mechanisms and the I think I've heard through an iPad though I'm sure that's debatable.

Perfect though. Highly recommended.

21-Jun-13 11:00 AM

Chris    Said...

All what i heared is't fat. Addictive synth Nave, Sunrizer, are nearly unbeatable.

22-Jun-13 06:18 AM

montychristo86    Said...

It's about time somebody did that for the iPad. Now where's Reason for the iPad (if that's even possible?)

22-Jun-13 04:17 PM

RP    Said...

If I were a betting man I'd say Kong will be next. Makes sense from a workflow perspective to just sell the individual components and then let audiobus do some signal merging if needs be. That concept being my humble opinion of course.

26-Jun-13 08:12 AM

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