Synchronise All Your Tap Tempo Pedals

Tapestry Audio introduces the Time Traveler   28-Jun-13

Tapestry Audio tells us that the Time Traveler is the world's first tap tempo sync that allows you to store preset BPM's and send out two tap signals simultaneously.


  • Stores 10 presets via foot-switch
  • Sends out same momentary latch signal as normal Boss FS-5U or any boutique tap pedal.
  • BPM can be set by tap foot-switch or knob
  • Works with standard center negative 9VDC adapter (same as Boss)

Pricing and Availability:


More information:



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stnliebe    Said...

200$ ... this better be a joke. this is NOT a new pedal. you can build this shit yourself in a 'light' version w/o presets for not even 40$ (with more than just 2!!! outputs)

wow. just wow.

28-Jun-13 09:19 AM

GTRman    Said...

Come on Stnliebe, how cheep can you be? This is a great idea and way worth the price to a working professional musician.

28-Jun-13 11:48 AM

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