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Music Computing's Modulas turns existing consoles into digital command centres   08-Jul-13

Music Computing has been in touch to tell us that they have released Modulas touch control modules.

MotionCOMMAND Modulas is a system of touchscreens and other controls in standard rack mount form factors, which are designed to drop right into existing consoles instantly turning them into digital command centers capable of controlling any music production or video editing software.  Depending on the user, Modulas can be used to create a hybrid digital and analog console or a totally digital one.

Music Computing CEO, Victor Wong, told us, "Studios around the world have made substantial investments in their mixing boards and consoles only to find them limited in usability these daysModulas allows these consoles to be refitted with state-of-the-art technology that will allow the studios to offer more services to their clients and operate much more efficiently"

Here's the details in Music Computing's own words...

The main Modulas module is comprised of a 32" or 42" multi-touch screen, a track pad and built-in hardware transport with a motorized fader and pan knob. This combination provides the most efficient control over your DAW and plug-ins. Native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is sized specific per brand and model of console.

The 22" portrait module pairs together a multi-touch screen and a track pad. The portrait orientation is perfect for displaying virtual racks like master channel effects or software interfaces like Reason. The 22" module has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is a 12U standard rack size.

The 10" module has a single touch screen and a track pad and is designed to be used as auxiliary controls for just about anything you need. Native resolution of 800×600, but up to 1920 × 1080 interpolated. The 10" module is a 5U standard rack size.

A QWERTY module is also available with a built in trackball in the event a physical keyboard is needed in addition to the virtual keyboard provided by the touchscreens

While only one module with a 22" touch screen or larger can be used in each setup as a touchscreen controller, it's still possible to use multiple ones if you only need the video image and control through the associating track pad is sufficient. However, multiple 10" modules can be used in conjunction with a 22" or larger module in any set up with full touchscreen capabilities.

The touch surfaces are very responsive when using touchscreen friendly software. However, as some music application software providers are still behind the times, they may have user interfaces that have controls too small for the human finger or jerky movement. Until these applications catch up, we provide touchpads and mouse buttons so you can still control them with ease.

Modulas is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 in multi-touch mode for all available system functions and if the application is multi-touch capable, Modulas will also function in multi-touch mode. However, currently Modulas is only single touch for Mac OS X system functions but if you are running multi-touch applications written for Mac OS X, Modulas will work in multi-touch mode while in those applications.

Pricing and Availability:

Pricing starts at $199 for the QWERTY computer keyboard module and $699 for the 10" touchscreen module.

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GTRman    Said...

Make sure you have lot's of Windex handy.

08-Jul-13 11:20 AM

DrFink    Said...

How does that replace a console? This doesn't even make sense.

08-Jul-13 06:19 PM

Chris Simmons    Said...

DriFink: It replaces a mixing console by using virtual faders, or studio racks of f/x in software. Pretty clear to me.

Ha! I probably wouldn't use Windex on these; but a micro fibre cloth would be good -- I use one for my ipads, and touch screen in my studio to get rid of the pesky fingerprints (and then some hand cleaner...)

08-Jul-13 06:48 PM

Blake    Said...

If STudio One doesn't get EuCon support soon, I'm going to go this route.

08-Jul-13 10:38 PM

ViewMe    Said...

I don't understand why the viewing angle is not talked about in the article.

Its one of the most important things working on a screen were you're not constantly in front of.

09-Jul-13 03:57 AM

dzny    Said...

I also fail to see any info about integration with an analog console here - looks like a touch screen vendor.

12-Jul-13 10:33 AM

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