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Michael Elsners view from the show   12-Jul-13

weatherFriday Day 2

Another sunny day in Nashville, the aircon at the new Music City convention centre will be working overtime. Our man at the show is  professional guitarist Michael Elsner. Yesterday was guitar focussed, today he'll be looking at pro-audio.

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I had to revisit these Tone Bakery pedals because I’m really digging them.


When you just need to send text messages from the stage…


Some new Silvertone Classics! I own a ‘66 1449 and I have to say this reissue plays and feels just as solid, if not more, than my original. I love the look of these guitars and the lipstick pickups sound great!


Inside the new Nashville Convention Center. As you can see, not only is this a beautiful new facility, but the foot traffic is pretty light - which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you want to take time to talk to the manufacturers and spend time with their products.


This is the 2nd Summer NAMM that Ive attended in Nashville. After having lived in Los Angeles for many years, and being familiar with the size of Winter NAMM, this summer NAMM is quite small in comparison.

One of the nicer aspects of this years show is that its being held in the new Nashville Convention Center which opened about 2 months ago. The space is much larger and more modern / open than the old convention center that most NAMM attendees are familiar with.

Surprisingly, this years show is very heavy on the guitar side. There are a plethora of amp, pedal, and guitar manufacturers here this weekend - which would account for the fact that the majority of the photos I’ve posted are guitar oriented.


Tone Garage pedals by Vox.
From right to left:
Double Deca Delay - analog delay with 3 Bucket Brigade Chips.
Trike Fuzz - octave fuzz with three types of octave settings.
Flat 4 Boost - full range vacuum tube booster.
Straight 6 Drive - traditional Vox British overdrive.
V8 Distortion - high gain distortion featuring a 12AX7 for maximum tube tone.


I’ve been a fan and owner of MXL mics for over 10 years now. Great sounding, affordable microphones. Here are a few of their newer models, the CR-77 dynamic mic, CR-30 large diaphragm condenser mic, and the Genesis FET vocal condenser mic.


I just became a fan of the Tone Bakery guitar pedals. $99 USD each and they sound great! Guitarists who are a fan of the Klon Centuar need to check out the Creme Brulee. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The new Zoom H6.


Cartec Audio


Check out the new UBK Fatso (the brown unit) by Wave Distro.


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