Summer Namm 13 : Live Blog - Day 3

Michael Elsner brings us Saturday from the show floor   13-Jul-13

Saturday - Day 3
Last day of Nashville Summer NAMM 2013 in the new Music City convention centre. Michael Elsner, who is on the spot blogging live for us will bring you more from the show today.Michael is a professional guitarist, songrwriter and film score composer with a keen interest in all music gear.

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Well, we just wrapped up Summer NAMM 2013, and if you’re wondering why there are so many posts with guitars and pedals, it’s because this seemed more like a guitar show as opposed to a NAMM show. The lack of keyboards, controllers, pro audio, and percussion was shocking. As a guitarist, the last few days have been very enjoyable, but I feel bad for other instrumentalists or pro audio consumers who were pretty much left out.

I hope you enjoyed these updates and photos. I had a great time checking out these new toys.

Until next time, stay safe and play good notes!!


Very cool iPhone an iPad holder by Ac-cetera called the EZ Clamp.


Loar Archtops



New ZVEX pedals for 2013.
Fuzzolo, Channel 2, Snow Box and the FF7.

New Rotosound pedals.


Need to relic your shiny hardware? The Q-Parts Aged Collection takes care of it for you.


Disaster Area Designs.
Hand made pedals designed to simply and cleanup your pedalboard.


Here’s an interesting piece that caught my eye today.

The Guitar Forte by Percussive Guitar Inc.


Breedlove feetless bass BJ350 CME 4. Side sound hole, electronics by LR Baggs… Big body develops a nice fundamental tone and sound.


Day 3 of NAMM is in full motion. Saturday, like Winter NAMM, is proving to be the busiest day thus far. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they opened this day to the public.

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