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First impressions from around the web   17-Jul-13

Big news yesterday was the sudden release of Apple's Logic update - Logic X. With four years since the last major update to of Logic 9, existing users have been understandably jumpy about what would happen. If you use a DAW every day, major changes to the GUI and workflow, especially when they have been kept under wraps so successfully can have a big impact on your everyday work.

I've been searching around the comments sections of various other sites - Synthtopia.com, CreateDigitalMusic.com,Cnet and others to grab comment and thoughts. It seems on the face of it to come down to this:

Like the new GUI, seems snappier, new instruments are okay, shame there was no update for ESX 24. Lack of 32-bit plugin support is a major drag.

What do you think?


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Matt    Said...

I've yet to download Logic Pro X, but I do see a big improvement to the EXS24 because of the track stack feature. This will allow you to layer multiple instruments, each with their own filter, modulation, etc... This can be applied to drum kits or chromatic instruments. It's a similar concept to Ableton Live's Instrument Racks.

17-Jul-13 08:30 AM

RP    Said...

Logic 9X has been around for ages, I get why there might be a case for no upgrade price, but really...nothing....no advantage to loyal customers or fools like me that bought the whole studio suite. Not a fan of that at all.

17-Jul-13 10:06 AM

Tim    Said...

didn't wow me. I use to be a Logic fan back in Atari days, then they moved to PC and then to Mac and stopped supporrting the PC completely.now i am a mac user, worked with the somewhat buggy Logic Pro. The new one is out and i don't get a discount for owning the previous version 9 suite? forget it. not interested.

17-Jul-13 10:12 AM

James    Said...

It's a good update and a great deal, but it isn't a 'game changer' and long-term users resent having to pay the same as new users.

17-Jul-13 11:44 AM

Rich    Said...

It's fantastic. Yes, the lack of 32-bit support will be a major problem for some users, but once 3rd party companies of got their act together, it will pass. The new GUI is excellent, really loving Flex Pitch and the Retro Synth and Arpeggiator are great too. It's more powerful and is in no way "GarageBand"! Glad I bought it yesterday.

17-Jul-13 05:25 PM

Umm...    Said...

Don't know why people whinge (ah the pohms) about upgrade paths on something that is so cheap already. I've been buying Logic / Studio / Platinum etc from version 5. Spent thousands too, but $199 is the upgrade cost of Pro Tools if not cheaper...?

17-Jul-13 09:11 PM

Chad    Said...

Meh... Having used every DAW out there and going entirely the Logic route in 2007, I've been fairly unimpressed with the Logic dev team in general. This update is far overdue and with no game-changer instruments, update to Ultrabeat or EXS, this update seems to indicate that Apple is not supporting this "Pro" program like they used to do.

With the announcement of the new Mac Pro sans io slots, it feels like Apple is not keeping the pro audio community in focus like they used to.

Now the GUI is slick, and I like the enhancements they did make. What I would have liked to have seen would have been (dare I say) an Albeton-esque clip launcher, Better Sampler, More intuitive (guru-esque) Ultrabeat, and a more DJ centered clip oriented functionality to Mainstage 3.

I also have to agree that no upgrade pricing feels like a slap in the face... especially when my 1st version cost me $1500. Apple is feeling less and less "Pro" with every release in almost every area. Perhaps Casio will take over where Apple seems to be leaving off:)

Just my 2 cents. I am now a die-hard Studio One and Ableton user... demoing Bitwig and loving that as well. If I could have Omnisphere and RMX in Reason that would also be a game changer!

19-Jul-13 08:06 AM

Sally Slap Cabbage    Said...

Have been downloading the Logic X additional content for nearly 2 days now... I know it's BT's fault for the slow connection but this really doesn't feel like progress to me.

As the Logic team haven't touched the majority of plugins I'm assuming they ran out of time and are going to update them at a later date.

I've been messing around with Logic X and since I've removed all the cartoon icons from the mixer/arrange page it feels pretty good.

20-Jul-13 07:45 AM

Lou Ferguson.    Said...

I have to say being a studio owner for many years, I have not been so excited by a DAW like this ever before. I have a lot of outboard gear and 1a lot of top name virtual instruments and this new package is bar none excellent. The sounds are so well sampled and the GUI is a bit if a learning curve but very intuitive. Even the plugins are selling this analogue guy. Well done!

22-Jul-13 01:42 AM

jsepeta    Said...

can we start calling it Garage Band Pro?

26-Jul-13 08:57 AM

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