Stairway To Heaven Studio Acoustics Saved

Sarm West London Studios re-develops, Altiverb samples the sound   19-Jul-13

Stairway To Heaven Studio Acoustics Saved

Stairway to heaven, We are the champions, Relax, Stir it Up, Slave to the Rhythm, Do They Know it's Christmas, There's quite a legacy to SARM West studios in London. But the building will be re-developed.

Arjen of Audio Ease, told us, "Studio director Aron Horn, son of owner Trevor Horn, called us in to save the legendary acoustics before the place is gutted. I have just finished processing the samples we made last week and studio 1 is really something else, it is going to be one of my absolute favorites in Altiverb. And Bob Marley's 1973 Bathroom is just a hilarious extra. It has a bathtub that could hold all The Wailers. "

Check out the video.

A spokesperson had this to say, "Founded by Chris Blackwell. This is one of those rare places that has produced records in everyone's collection. Samples were made of the spacious, open sounding live room, known from the Live Aid video. Our own set of mics were used, but also the 'Gods', a set of 4 permanently fitted microphones in studio 1. The tight and completely original studio 2 where most of Marley was recorded, the contained, modern studio 3, four plate reverbs, the classic stairwell used on so many productions as an echo chamber, and Bob Marley's huge bathtub, which should be able to hold 1000 liters of water. Nobody dares to fill it up these days, in fear of it coming crashing through the ceiling of studio 1."

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Rick-Hayward-Ca.    Said...

love this kinda stuff, the history & visual

20-Jul-13 09:35 PM

Shame On You    Said...

This kind of place should really be protected under the listed buildings act or heritage or something, we have much lesser things protected that havent made anything like the contribution to world culture that this has. So short sighted.

Pretty soon there will be no special recording spaces available anymore and our music will become even more generic. I guess we deserve what we get.

Once again, the financial policy of world government screws the population. Banks are not safe, so they will only lend money to people who are doing property deals

21-Jul-13 05:47 AM

Failed Muso    Said...

I've only ever had the pleasure of standing outside this amazing building, but the vibe was strong, even then.

This is such a tragic and painful loss. Under this roof, some of the most amazing creativity has flowed and been captured by some of the most talented people in the field. Under Trevor's stewardship, the facility has remained as viable as it could for as long as it could. I know he will have done this with a heavy heart. But, progress is an unstoppable juggernaut. Sarm, like many of the other iconic studios, will cease to exist but forever live long in the memory as well as in the unsurpassed bodies of work that emanated from within her confines.

RIP Sarm.

24-Jul-13 05:11 PM


The Studios you see today and sampled bare no relationship to the Studio as it existed when the tracks you referred to were recoded. The acoustics and spaces have been remodelled

23-Aug-13 05:21 PM

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