Fairlight CMI Series III Restoration Initial Look

Failed Muso and Ian Stanley's CMI   22-Jul-13

Sonic TALK panelist Failed Muso has undertaken an ambitious restoration project. The classic Fairlight CMI Series III is an iconic 80's piece of music technology, and this particular one used to belong to Ian Stanley - producer of Tears For Fears and Aha amongst many other 80s classic acts - the provinance is strong with this one.

Stanley is a former resident of Bath UK, where Tears For Fears founder members - Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith grew up. For those of you who enjoy such facts - one Will Gregory (now Goldfrapp) was the saxophonist on Songs From The Big Chair and toured extensively with the band.

You may recall we got a look at Stanley's Roland System 700 modular synth a few years back before it sold.

Anyhooo, Failed Muso is restoring this beauty before it is passed on to its final destintaion - alas he is not able to keep this for himself.


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asiohead    Said...

Seems like a great project Rob ! Can't wait to hear it when it's all restored.

23-Jul-13 04:51 AM

Failed Muso    Said...

Me either! :-)

23-Jul-13 05:08 AM

selercs    Said...

Ah! 80s - the era of cheese and also great, melodic music! Choose your pick! Unlike today when music is not cheesy but still really not music anymore.

I remember seeing the Pet Shop Boys using this beauty when playing 'live' for Top of the Pops 'Always on my mind'. Pet Shop Boys and friend used this keyboard exclusively to create the 'string' sounds in 'It couldn't happen here'. Just brilliant! I initially thought it was a real string orchestra. It sounds better than some samples found on keyboards today.

23-Jul-13 07:03 AM

Failed Muso    Said...

Golfrapp... is that Will's new project with Tiger Woods? ;-)

25-Jul-13 11:39 AM

Failed Muso    Said...

By the way, if anyone wants to follow the restoration, I'm blogging each step and you can find these posts here...


Or I'm gathering them all up into a single diary type page here...


25-Jul-13 11:48 AM

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