Behringer Ships FIREPOWER FCA1616 Audio Interface

High-resolution digital converter with MIDAS preamps   13-Aug-13

Behringer Ships FIREPOWER FCA1616 Audio Interface

Behringer says that, sporting Cirrus Logic converters and MIDAS-designed mic preamps, their new FCA1616 is ideally suited for home and professional recording enthusiasts seeking hassle-free connection to the digital domain. They tell us that, easy to operate and designed to support all standard audio formats, the 16-In/16-Out interface provides audiophile-grade sound quality, is fully compatible with BEHRINGER's ADA8200 and occupies only a single rack-space. The versatile FCA1616 also accommodates outboard effects processing via 8 analog Inserts -- a feature often missing from even high-end competing products. Behringer believes that free Tracktion 4 Music Production Software makes the FCA1616 a complete and highly affordable studio interface solution.

MUSIC Group's Marketing SVP, Costa Lakoumentas remarked, "The FCA1616 is the ideal interface for a wide range of professional recording, broadcast and project studio applications. With its premium MIDAS mic preamps, Cirrus Logic digital converters and bonus Tracktion 4 DAW software, the FCA1616 stands in a class all its own. Every studio should consider upgrading to the FCA1616 -- especially at this incredible price point."

Pricing and Availability:

FIREPOWER FCA1616 is available through authorized dealers and online resellers at a MAP of $249.99 USD ($499.99 MSRP).

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Synth_Fan    Said...

Can it connect to a Apple Thunderbolt port via Apple's Firewire-Thunderbolt adaptor?

And - is there support for the latest OS's, driver wise?

13-Aug-13 01:43 PM

YouNameIt    Said...

Yes and yes.

13-Aug-13 03:18 PM

SSS    Said...

yes and yes

13-Aug-13 03:18 PM

Arnold    Said...

thunderbolt? who cares? please let this latest apple compatibility issue die on the vine, firewire was bad enough.

18-Sep-13 10:04 PM

CMM    Said...

FireWire was bad?-:) please dont make me laugh -:) in the time FireWire was made the only competitor was USB. But how can you compare 400 Mbps with 480mbps when the packages are ment to carry smal blocks? USB 2.0 was never faster than FW. even FW800 ( 800 Mbps) was as twice as fast than USB 2.0 and even more stable. USB still has it's drop downs. USB 3.0 is fast, but please don't get me started about Thinderbolt!!! It is the best EVER!!!

07-Mar-14 05:30 PM

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