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Happy anniversary   23-Aug-13

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Happy Birthday Novation

After we had Mr Nick Bookman over to show us the Bass Station 2 in depth, we discovered that this year sees Novation celebrating their 21st  Anniversary.

Who better to take us through the history and evolution of Novation instruments?

Why Nick Bookman of course!

Novation kindly provided us with a pile of instruments from their collection and let  Nick out of his laboratory to come and see us and be our guide.

So to help them celebrate their 21st birthday we took this journey from Bassstation to Bassstation II through some of their landmark instruments.


As a guide, here's the timeline of events:

1992 - MM-10 a MIDI controller and stand for the Yamaha QY-010

1993- Bass Station - classic MIDI controlled, affordable analogue

1994 - Bass Station Rack - more control and CV in and out

1995/6 - Drum Station - rackmount 808 and 909 modelled sounds

1997 - Super Bass Station - added arpeggiator, noise, ring mod and LFO

1998 - Supernova - affordable multi timbral poly synth, 56 independent effects

1999 - Nova - desktop analogue modelled (ASM) virtual analog with SuperNova engine

2000 - Supernova II - super powered DSP engine more voices, 42 band vocoder

2001 - A-Station - Bass Station and Supernova inspired rackmount polysynth

2002 - K-Station - pocket-sized polysynth with Hypersync for tempo based effects

2003 - Remote 25 - introduction of the first comprehensive MIDI controllers

2004 - X-Station - USB MIDI, 2 in, 2 out audio interface and polysynth

2006 - Remote ZeRo SL - large format displays and MIDI control with Automap

2007 - Nio2|4 - USB audio interface, XioSynth

2008 - Nocturn - compact MIDI control, plus touch sensitive controls for the ReMote range

2009 - Launchpad - integration with Ableton Live and multi-mode control surface grid

2010 - UltraNova - return of the Nova, with 18 voices, 18 filter types and Touch Sense

2011 - Impulse - fully featured MIDI controller keyboard range

2012 - MiniNova - compact synthesizer with 18 voices and animate controls for real-time tweaks

2013 - Bass Station 2 -completely re-worked analog mono and Launchkey controller range


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Handbuilt ColdFusion CMS    Said...

iOS MP4 link is broken :(

23-Aug-13 07:11 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Love that Supernova II. Wish they still made them...

24-Aug-13 02:35 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

What a great video, thank you so much!

24-Aug-13 03:23 AM

RevFlex    Said...

Great video. I'm a big fan of Novation synths. They have a unique sound. Would have been nice to hear the difference between Supernova and Supernova 2.

25-Aug-13 11:14 PM

dyscode    Said...

Really excellent, interesting video, congrats and thanks to everybody involved.

29-Aug-13 07:01 AM

Rick Rhino    Said...

Thank you Nick and Novation, this was a great video! I purchased the Novation Basstation Rack back in 1995. It was a special order item for $600 (US). At the time, like many of us, I wanted a 303 but they were close to $1,000 used (pre-Ebay days) The sounds were amazing and the manual was child-like easily comprehensive. I still own it and once in a while I push the demo button to remind me what it is capable of doing. Looking forward to an Ultranova.

31-Aug-13 09:29 AM

Robin    Said...

Supernova II was a fantastic synth. Powerful and easy to use. I hate to see the trend of mini-key synths these days.

16-Dec-13 10:44 AM

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