Backing Rhythms Anywhere, Anytime

Korg announces the KR mini rhythm machine   05-Sep-13

Backing Rhythms Anywhere, Anytime

Korg has announced the KR mini rhythm machine. Designed for guitarists, bassists, pianists or any musician looking for easy rhythm accompaniment, it features nostalgic looks and a simple design focused on easy, push-button control. The KR mini is also lightweight, can run on batteries and has a built-in speaker, allowing it to provide a backing rhythm pattern anywhere at any time.

Korg says that playing a rhythm pattern is easy and intuitive, with all controls on the surface. A total of 60 diverse rhythm patterns are available to accompany any practice session or performance. A wide range of genres is included, such as 8-beat, 16-beat, rock and pop, with six patterns for each genre. Alternatively, users can tap in their own beats via a simple record function. There are also eight song patterns containing drum parts that are several measures in length. In addition, a chain function allows the ability to arrange favorite rhythm patterns and fill-ins to create complete songs.

An optional pedal switch allows the user's foot to perform functions such as start/stop and for triggering fill-ins, providing smooth control over the KR mini in a performance environment. For added power, the KR mini contains a headphone/speaker output, so it can be connected to a PA system or used with a guitar amp to create a simple setup for live performances.

Pricing and Availability:

The KR mini will be available in November 2013 for a US street price of $79.99.

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factualAct    Said...

At the very least, i'm glad that this sort of product is still being manufactured. The alternative is only in the software domain so it's good there's still a demand for these little modules. We've seen older versions like the zoom RT series, alesis sr16, various Boss models, Roland etc.. Why not eh ?

05-Sep-13 01:24 PM

Gustavo    Said...

It's nice to see a somewhat oldschool style drum machine again and under $100 USD.

06-Sep-13 12:38 AM

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