Podcast: Sonic TALK 328 - OutoTune

Autotune girl, FL Studio Groove, I Dream Of Wires, Lanios   05-Sep-13

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59:55 mins


  • Jem Godfrey - extraordinary keyboard player (Frost, Atomic Kitten)
  • Dave Spiers - GforceSoftware - makers of fine software instruments

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Totally refreshed after a week in the sun, I'm ready to take control, sadly the technology was not quite so enthusiastic today but we got there in the end. First we talk about Emma Robinson AKA the Autotune girl which leads us to Roger Troutman and his talkbox and 10 hours of yodelling, FL Studio Groove is next for Windows 8 touch, then as my copy of  I Dream Of Wires hardcore edition has arrived,we talk synthesizers. Finally Daniel Lanois gets interviewed by Pharell Williams.


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For the Izotope RX contest: 3:00am. Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA. New funky dance track is coming together... Needs vocals. I have a vague recollection of a Nintendo NES game called "Elevator Action". Sure why not. Hit record, "something something... Elevator action... Attraction...". Ok let's have a listen... Awful! Really, really awful. Getting great feedback from a former music professor. Good energy and ideas. Want to keep the ball rolling but birds are chirping. Idea! I'll reverse the vox, gate them to open up on the kick. He'll get the idea. Then some rare magic. I listen and there's a new hook. I didn't sing this. "I'll make you want it, I'll make you mine". Borderline creepster vibe (Don't you want me, I'll be watching you) but soulful and groovy. Perfect. Still haven't re-recorded... This is it:


Encourage happy accidents and embrace them:-)

05-Sep-13 06:19 PM


@ 1:25

05-Sep-13 06:25 PM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

For Izotope RX coompetition:

Worst studio experience: 1998, studio booked for one day to record 4 tracks so time is short. I prepare a whole bunch of Midi tracks beforehand to save time predominantly using a Korg Poly 800 as the controller into Logic 7. All is fine until we get on site, load in the Midi files and we find when attempting to playback on what was then still an Atari 1040 system that the computer stuggles to keep time and tempo. I waste 2 hours of precious and expensive studio time only to discover that when the original Midi tracks were recorded they also captured hundreds upon hundreds of very small and aurally undectectable pitch bend events as a result of a dirty pot on the Korg's joystick controller, embarrassing. Words to the wise: inspect your Midi files beforehand particularly those generated from vintage controllers.

05-Sep-13 11:55 PM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

Correction: It wasn't Logic 7, that was the last one I used, it was a much earlier version, not that that affects the story however :)

06-Sep-13 12:00 AM

huigui    Said...

Bad MP3 link, Nick...

06-Sep-13 12:20 AM

james H    Said...

Music disaster (for Izotope competition). Note to self at a rather damp debut gig: never try to play a waterlogged stylophone. Apparently it only plays one note, and leaves the audience baffled. Funnily enough the sound it made was the same as the Captcha when I tried to post this.. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16681704/pics/PPARP.png

10-Sep-13 01:55 PM

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