Squarepushers Amazing Robot Band

Z-Machines78 finger guitarist, 22 Drum Beyond Human   05-Sep-13

Squarepusher , aka Tom Jenkinson, can often be found doing things that are musically astounding. More recently known for his technologically dense music, he is in fact an awesome bass guitarist.

In this piece he composed for the state of the art Robot Band Z-Machines (Zima are a manufacturer of soft drinks in Japan and sponsor the project).

Tom challenges the assertion that robots cannot play emotionally powerful music. This project is "an excellent way of exploring that area more"

Its a pretty interesting piece and has the guitarists 78 vitrual fingers working overtime.

What do you think?



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Eric    Said...

very interesting, though the feeling of guitar sounded like a sample and the feel felt very ridged. so not really emotional.

05-Sep-13 06:31 PM

Reine    Said...

i agree with eric, it does have a sampled sound to it. there´s no question about the machine being able to play perfectly, but to reach a level of believability i guess they would have to integrate some kind of untightness generator to actually make the music sound like it's played by someone and not something.

07-Sep-13 04:38 PM

Twitchy    Said...


He's a great composer!!!

I think that to some extent, his thesis is moot. When it comes down to it, the Electro-mechanical work; the arrangement; the computer programming; the MIDI programming; THE DEBUGIING; the engineering; the hydraulics…

The Passion, The Innovation, The Daring will all put this in its place.

Much like, any other music written before, after OR since (ie. as a result of seeing something like this)

It's always a testament to see Impassioned, Innovative and Daring ideas from potential, all the way through to realization!!!

…Love the Lights! Earth, Wind and Fire PLUS a host of other Fusion band and Funk bands would always get these really nice synced Light shows with their performances.

So nicee!!!!

07-Sep-13 06:42 PM

re201    Said...

Derek Smalls......... he wrote this.....

09-Sep-13 12:09 AM

Adam Bailey    Said...

Man, I'm all for his ideas and attitudes, but I just don't feel his music anymore. "Feed Me Weird Things" was a great album, but I haven't enjoyed any of the others as much. Too many noodles, not enough emotion. Sorry Tom. Go deeper.

12-Sep-13 10:02 PM

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