The Most Affordable MPC Ever

Akai introduces MPC Element   17-Sep-13

The Most Affordable MPC Ever

Adding to their MPC line, which includes the flagship MPC Renaissance and slimline MPC Studio controllers, Akai Professional has now introduced MPC Element along with its new software platform, MPC Essentials. With dimensions similar to popular tablet computers, MPC Element is Akai Professional's most portable MPC yet, and it's also the most affordable with a price of just $149.99 USD.

Dan Gill, Product Manager, Akai Professional, told us, "This is professional music-making capability for everyone."

The included 64-bit MPC Essentials software can import WAV and AIFF samples and comes with more than 1GB of essential sounds. Up to eight pad banks can be created for instant access to a total of 128 samples. Up to four insert effects can be added per pad. "The flexibility of the MPC Essentials software is key. We've made it so users can make music standalone--using MPC Element, MPC Essentials, and their laptop--or by bringing MPC Essentials into their current workflow, using it as a plugin in their current music software of choice," said Gill.

MPC Element operates via standard MIDI, so it can be used to control any MIDI music software. An 1/8-inch MIDI input and output are onboard and 1/8-inch to 5-pin MIDI cables (the same that come with MPC Studio) are included. MPC Element is bus-powered, no power adapter required.

MPC Element Hardware

  • Fuses legendary MPC beat and song creation capability with the power of your computer
  • 16 backlit, multicolor pads with pressure and velocity sensitivity
  • MPC Note Repeat, Full Level, 16 Level, and Tap Tempo
  • Includes MPC Essentials software (download), 1GB sound library, up to 8 pad banks
  • Slim low-profile design with integrated cover to protect control surface
  • USB-powered, no power adapter required, USB cable included
  • Compact design just 14mm thin fits easily into a laptop bag
  • Brushed aluminum control surface with bright backlit buttons
  • Standard MIDI for use with most popular software
  • 1/8-inch (3.5mm) MIDI input, 1/8-inch MIDI output, cables included


MPC Essentials Software

  • 32- and 64-bit music production capability
  • Works standalone, no DAW required, with MPC Element for seamless music creation
  • Works with your current music software (DAW) as a VST, RTAS, or AU plugin
  • Run virtually unlimited instances in your DAW simultaneously
  • 1GB sound library with all the essential sounds of modern music production
  • Import your WAV and AIFF sound samples and assign them to any pad
  • Up to 8 pad banks (assign up to 128 pads), 4 samples and 4 insert effects per pad
  • Hosts VST plugins and automatically maps controls
  • Export to WAV and AIFF

Pricing and Availability:

MPC Element will be available from musical instrument retailers in October for $149.99 USD.

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WaveFormTX    Said...

This is NOT an MPC, it's a controller. Talk about bastardizing a name to push cheap products

17-Sep-13 08:25 PM

selercs    Said...

Jeez. Waveform, why so negative? Its not just the controller...but the entire package, in case you haven't read. It comes with 1GB of sounds. Hardware is becoming less and less necessary with the exception of real analogs and workstation synths.

18-Sep-13 06:55 AM

Eau1983    Said...

I agree with Waveform. The success of the MPC line from inMusic Brands Inc. following the MPC5000 was predicated and dependent on "MPC" brand recognition despite the fact that they were charging similar prices for, what are essentially, glorified midi controllers.

This is less a commentary on the march of technological standards and more a shared perception on how inMusic Brands Inc. are exploiting their consumer base by foisting midi controllers on those loyal to the brand under the guise of the complete and self contained MPC products of old.

This is in addition to the fact that the MPC Element is a repackaged MPC Fly with a few modifications to appeal to a wider consumer base.

If any reps from inMusic Brands, Inc. are reading this, the next best product would be a self-contained sampler/digital turntable akin to a marriage between the current MPX8 and the forthcoming MPC DJ. A single platter with the ability to scratch what you just sampled would rekindle the love that made Akai the world's leading brand in digital samplers.

20-Sep-13 09:47 PM

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