Bitwig Comes Into Focus With Clip Launch

New video posted, Beta underway   07-Oct-13

Bitwig, the looming new DAW on the horizon, if the projected features are to be believed, Bitwig has a lot to live up to.

After the initial flurry of activity and excitement, we all wanted to know when, when when when? These things take time and the ambitious goals are clearly proving a challenge for the development timeline. However, better to get things right where software (or anything else) is concernced - all too often the premature release can damage the product for a long while.

However, after a quiet Summer, there is movement - with a couple of new videos demonstrating Bitwig beta functions.

Indeed, we have taken delivery of a Beta license here and are hoping to give Bitwig a closer look, though we can't say anything about it just yet (NDA and all that).

What makes the package immediately interesting is the integration of standard DAW style linear editing with the Clip based workflow of Ableton's Live.

Also exciting is the fact that Bitwig has parity in development and releases on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux too. This is due to some extremely clever meta compliing technology that the boffins have created which outputs the current version for all platforms.

Additionally, there's an online collaborative element to the software, which many have tried, but few (if any) have managed to pull off with. Though this is planned for a secondary release.

We have no clear release date, but given the frequency of new videos, we can hope that it will be in the forseeable future.

What we do know is that Ableton have announced their own beta program with 9.1, so the competition is hotting up. Will you be trying Bitwig?


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Louis    Said...

Will I be trying Bitwig? I most certainly will! As a big Linux fan I'm ecstatically happy to see more quality audio applications available for my favourite platform.

07-Oct-13 09:46 AM

aa    Said...

I honestly am waiting for the Ableton killer. Bitwig looks really like one. Maschine 2.0 look promising as well.

I just can't wait to get my hands on them, migrate my projects and ditch Ableton for good.

07-Oct-13 12:33 PM

john    Said...

The NDA was lifted. See the KVR post on that. Betatesters are now posting pics, videos and infos.

08-Oct-13 05:53 AM

brian from usa    Said...

I'm already heavily $$$$$ invested in Ableton. The long delay between the initial announcement (2 years ago?) has killed any interest for me. I'm tired of buying software only to abandon it for something that might be a little better. I'm going back to recording some music instead of waiting for the holy grail.

08-Oct-13 06:29 AM

Oliver B    Said...

Yes i will try it, tbh i never been so excited to try a new DAW as i am now.

09-Oct-13 05:03 AM

Leslie    Said...

Well, after Ableton wanted to "slap me" with $299 upgrade fee from Live 8 Suite, I'm more than eggier to take a closer look at Bitwig.

09-Oct-13 10:22 PM

GeekyDisco    Said...

To be honest, no. Looking at these videos makes Bitwig look like Photoshop for music...but that's not music! This all seems so mouse heavy. Music should be about fun - playing and recording. A retrograde step.

11-Oct-13 10:14 AM

youDAW    Said...

It's funny (..actually sad...) how people believe ditching a product will solve all their problems. Face it - you just very simply suck very very hard at producing good music.

13-Oct-13 06:35 AM

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