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RØDE Microphones announces the RØDEGrip and RØDEGrip+ mounts   17-Oct-13

The new RØDEGrip from RØDE Microphones is a versatile mounting chassis and pistol-grip for the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that provides a wide range of integration options for iOS content creators.

Users are able to mount their iPhone to a camera using the integrated shoe-mount, mount to a boom stand using the incorporated 3/8" thread, operate handheld using the ergonomics of the pistol grip, or even use the RØDEGrip as a desk stand for their device. The RØDEGrip is also the perfect companion for the iXY stereo microphone, allowing users to mount their iPhone in a fixed location while recording.

Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the RØDEGrip assembles in seconds and folds down to a compact size for transport and storage. Three mounting points are provided for the camera-shoe attachment, to allow the user to rotate and move the iPhone into a number of orientations to suit the desired application.

A deluxe version, titled the RØDEGrip+ is also available, adding a set of high-quality camera lenses that screw securely into place over the iPhone's built-in camera when mounted in the cradle. The supplied macro, 180° fish-eye and 2X telephoto lenses give the user a much wider range of creativity when recording video with their iPhone.

Pricing and Availability:

Both the RØDEGrip and RØDEGrip+ are shipping now.

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champ    Said...

Nice product. I use the Glif+ with my iPhone 5 and a Apogee Mic all attached to a Zacuto Striker. This Rode option seems a bit more useful in a smaller package. You can see an example of that here:

I would like them to build it for the iPod Touch as well. Getting a couple of these iPods on ebay might even be a better value compared to other recorders, which are iPod can give you extra options like a video image which might come in handy as a backup of some quick screen caps that you might not got from other cams you used at that time. Or you could use it as the easiest recorder that fit in any pocket while the mic is pinned to the clothing.

17-Oct-13 05:55 AM

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