What's The Best Digital Delay Pedal On The Market?

The TimeFactor, the Timeline, the Flashback, vote for your favourite digi delay   28-Oct-13

What's The Best Digital Delay Pedal On The Market?

A good digital delay pedal is the stalwart of many a pedalboard, there are some guitarists who claim they couldn't live without it and apply creative use of delay to songwriting and texturing guitar parts.

Other guitarists just use it to add a bit of wetness to the signal, but would still swear by their delay pedal as being an important component of their overall tone.

The digital delay options available on the market have expanded in size and in complexity over the years, so are you a fan of the classic compact stomp such as a DD-7, or do you prefer the computer in a box approach, such as the Eventide TimeFactor?

Every month we run a readers' poll, and this month we're asking you what you're favourite digital delay pedal is. To check out which pedal was named as the most popular fuzz pedal, click here.

Vote for your favourite digital delay below:


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GTRman    Said...

I have a TC Electronics Alter Ego (Flashback) delay pedal. For the money you can beat it and I love the way you can set the delay time by strumming the guitar. Very clever design, small footprint and a great sounding stereo pedal for the money. My pick as #1 because of the price.

28-Oct-13 06:47 AM

Ixnay    Said...

I think the above list is notable for two reasons: a.) The exclusion of TC Electronics delays and b.) The inclusion of the Belcat pedal which leads one to the conclusion that this is really guerilla marketing (payed for by whoever owns Belcat) posing as an online survey. I'll admit, I did a search for the Belcat because I'd never heard of it. Maybe it's more known in the UK.

29-Oct-13 01:26 PM

Amped Bot    Said...

@Ixnay: Errr, the only problem with your statement is that there are two TC Electronic pedals in the list, and only one Belcat.

29-Oct-13 07:42 PM

Guys, c'mon    Said...

You guys need to learn to scroll down....

04-Nov-13 10:38 PM

Noel Eiffe    Said...

The Stymon Timeline is just so great I feel like I'll never get to the end of what it can do. Add in the Big Sky and you're traveling through both time AND space in einsteinian splendour. Sigh.

11-May-14 08:47 AM

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