Hear A Classic 60s Moog Modular

Currently listed on Vemia Auction   06-Nov-13

The Vemia (Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments Auction) auction is something of an institution, the current 37th Sale is underway and ends 9th November I really don't reccommend you visit the current sale if you value your bank balance - there is so much to drool over.

One such thing is the Vintage R A Moog 60's Modular system, currently hovering around £18k.

I guess one of the perks of the job for auction boss Peter Forrest, is that he gets to put his hands on some of these rare beauties, all in the name of testing of course. He posted a demo here of the Moog in action. Not in this case though as this demo is from the original seller (we think). I know the audio is not all it could be, but how often do you get to hear one of these beauties.

The auction ends November 9th - but as I said, don't go there - you'll thank me in the long run...


This is a demo of one of the most beautiful late 60s synthesisers you could ever see (or hear) - an R.A. Moog modular dating originally from 1967 (the tenth complete modular ever sold by R. A. Moog), updated in 1968 and beyond. All modules are R.A. Moog originals, and many are on perf board and have no serial numbers. It's demo'd by Norm Leete, who has serviced it. The audio is poor quality because we had to make allowance for the astonishing dynamic range of the Moog (even through a crappy little amp). This meant putting 20dB attenuators before the mics... which meant that Norm's voice is not always very easily audible. The fact that it was recorded in a conservatory with a rainstorm brewing didn't help.



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joossens    Said...

You guys host an audio website and you couldn't amplify the sound on this video?

06-Nov-13 03:24 PM

Nick B    Said...

Well its not our video and we dont get access to the footage - sorry

06-Nov-13 05:43 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

you just cannot beat the sound of a vintage moog modular. Im fortunate that ive had some play time with a system 55 and a smaller portable, which was in two sections ( 2P?) over the years, and those 901 oscillators are VERY powerful. The filter is a classic, and theyre not as immediately intuitive as a minimoog ( obviously), but when you start to hear even two oscillators beating...heaven.

06-Nov-13 05:56 PM

GTRman    Said...

Can you please email me this video in braille so I can hear it.

07-Nov-13 07:53 AM

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