Gear of the Year Awards: What's The Best Effects Pedal of 2013?

SonicState Awards: Choose this year's winners   12-Nov-13

Gear of the Year Awards: What's The Best Effects Pedal of 2013?

It's Gear of the Year time, with the end of 2013 not too far off, we're giving our readers the opportunity to vote for their favourite guitars, pedals, amps, synths and hardware released this year.

In this particular poll we want you to vote for the best guitar pedal of 2013, not on easy choice given that most of the major companies have released great products this year, plus some incredible bits of gear from the boutique world.

We'd ask you to base your decisions on a number of criteria, taking into account the build quality, tonality, flexibility, design, and questioning if the pedal brings something new to the table - is the company in question doing things which simply haven't been done before?

Obviously you can't compare a modulation pedal to a distortion pedal, so you have to make the decision on whether a particular pedal is better or worse at doing its job than any other pedal released this year.

The top five pedals in this poll will then be put onto a shortlist, with the winner chosen by SonicState's editors, writers, reviewers and bloggers. This pedal will be crowned as the winner of the effects pedal category in 2013's SonicState Gear of the Year Awards.

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Joe    Said...

Catalinbread Belle Epoch!

12-Nov-13 10:51 PM

Doug    Said...

Definitely the Catalinbread Belle Epoch.

13-Nov-13 12:35 AM

Amped Bot    Said...

Belle Epoch added as a button choice by popular demand.

13-Nov-13 01:05 AM

TT    Said...

EHX Slammi

13-Nov-13 11:21 AM

Theflyingegg    Said...


13-Nov-13 11:39 AM

Roger    Said...

Top Tone Drivegate DG-2

13-Nov-13 10:35 PM

Fab    Said...

SolidGoldFX If 6 Was 9 Fuzz

14-Nov-13 09:41 AM

Aris    Said...


15-Nov-13 04:20 PM

Aris    Said...

Jacques Trinity

15-Nov-13 04:20 PM

Bobby    Said...

MojoHand Rook Royale!

16-Nov-13 09:39 AM

Joey    Said...

MXR Custom Shop CSP265 Fet Driver

19-Nov-13 06:43 AM

Brian    Said...

Spark Mini Boost, does everything you need from a clean boost, and nothing that you don't.

19-Nov-13 08:25 AM

zedthewizard    Said...

tim pierce signature overdrive by j rockett pedals

19-Nov-13 08:55 AM

Simon    Said...

Ditto Ditto!!!! How did i live before my Ditto!!!!!!

19-Nov-13 11:35 AM

Damien    Said...

Ditto fun you can have on your own!!!

19-Nov-13 06:58 PM

Taylor    Said...

El Rey Fuzz de la Muerte. SO MUCH CONTROL

21-Nov-13 03:33 PM

Doug    Said...

El Rey Fuzz de la Muerte - been looking for this tone forever! Great company ran by great people!

21-Nov-13 03:36 PM

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