A Close-Up Look At Kurt Cobain's Fender Guitar Collection

New video shows Cobain's collection on the guitar tech's workbench   17-Nov-13

A Close-Up Look At Kurt Cobain's Fender Guitar Collection

Fender have unveiled a rare close-up look at some of Kurt Cobain's beloved Fender guitars, with footage of the guitars on the workbench.

The video was shot when Fender were given access to the guitars last year in order to reproduce the legendary Nirvana singer's instruments for a signature series.

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Rick-Hayward-Ca.    Said...

Thats a cool Post!!! & I dont even care for the guy or that band! the local radio forced us to listen to grunge,Bong grunge bay in the Day!

18-Nov-13 12:16 PM

keith Blakelock    Said...

Kurt Cobain was one seriously bland person. In praise of the dull?No fuck that .He was hardly known for a trademark sound. the best track they made was after he died and Times like these.Grohl s best and only decent track.

18-Nov-13 12:30 PM

delaneyeffects@gmail.com    Said...

Bland? Kurt was punk. Brutal uncomfortable raw punk with an incredible gift for perfect melody and aggressive dissonance at the same time. His songwriting is on a level that only a handful of people have gotten to. Play his songs on an acoustic while fingerpicking his vocal lines and Dave's harmonies - it's fantastic stuff. He changed the industry and helped make accessible the seething punk/sludge/metal hardcore scene. It was then wrapped up in a neat little package and sold to the kids as Grunge.

A cool move by Fender.

22-Nov-13 06:59 AM

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