Roger's Linnstrument Meets Prophet 12 Rack

3D expression meets 12 voices of synth goodness   20-Nov-13

Roger's Linnstrument Meets Prophet 12 Rack

The Linnstrument is alive and well. It's a tactile controller with X/Y/Z movement control  (or 3D expression as he puts it) as well as position allowing for greater expression of the instrument its connected to. In this case its the  Prophet 12 module prototype under the expert control of Dave Smith himself.

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The heart of LinnStrument is a pressure-sensitive multi-touch surface scanned at high speed and resolution. Each touch is sensed in three dimensions with loudness controlled by pressure, pitch controlled by left-right movement and timbre controlled by forward-backward movement. We call this 3D Note Expression. It's also polyphonic, with these three dimensions captured independently and simultaneously for all fingers. With this level of subtle control, you'll find little use for envelope generators or LFOs because your finger movements do a better job of controlling a note's envelope, vibrato, pitch slides, tremolo, bends and other musical gestures, just like on acoustic instruments. And because these three dimensions are sensed for each finger simultaneously, you can do things like performing a string quartet with four fingers.


Hopefully we'll get to see both of these at NAMM in January 2014.



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Mattsynth    Said...

These two guys are so innovative and there instruments are some of the best on the market. Keep up the great work guys.

20-Nov-13 08:16 AM

Twitchy    Said...

This could enable a FAR easier way to create 'gestural' sequences - through copying, pasting and manipulating parameters rather than just writing them in, OR the best velocity on/off & channel pressure performances.

This is pretty kool for people who like occasionally access that level of precision/expressivity!!

Man, these two have it goin' on!!!

20-Nov-13 06:23 PM

Mr. Soul    Said...

I can't help salivating over that Prophet 12 module.

20-Nov-13 08:58 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

Me also Mr. Soul a Prophet 12 module would be a dream come true. I cannot wait.

21-Nov-13 07:48 AM

Jay_Ignite    Said...

2 Legends!!!

05-Dec-13 01:59 PM

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