Gear of the Year RESULTS: Best Amplifier of 2013 Revealed

The results are in, and we can reveal the top five amps of 2013   03-Dec-13

Gear of the Year 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, the results are in for the SonicState Gear of the Year Awards, and throughout December we will be proudly revealing the winners.

First up, we'd like to reveal the Gear of the Year Award for the best amplifier of the year. Tens of thousands of you voted for your favourite guitar products released this year, and there were some amps which clearly stood out from the competition.

Many of the amps which won the most votes from our readers are personal favourites at SonicState; ones we've given very postivie reviews for this year.

The criteria for the SonicState Gear of the Year Awards 2013 is that the product had to be released and available on the market between November 2012 - November 2013... and that the product had to offer stunning tone.

We took the top five most popular amps in the public vote, and then a panel of editors, writers and reviewers chose which would be the winner, and which would be the runners-up.

We're really happy with the top five, we hope you are too, so let's get on with it and reveal the top five amplifiers in the SonicState Gear of the Year Awards 2013.

5. Blackstar HT Metal 100

Blackstar HT Metal 100

For a 'metal amp', the Blackstar HT Metal 100 is actually incredibly versatile, with a pleasant and useable clean sound, and you can even coax out classic crunchy rock and roll sounds at low or high volumes.

But this amp is all about the high gain, and thanks to Blackstar's frankly genius ISF feature, you can get anything from British heavy metal sounds a-la Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, right up to US thrash and modern scooped metal.

Certainly a worthy recipient of fifth place in this year's Gear of the Year Awards, and we've seen it sold for as low as £600/$980, which is incredible value for money.

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Johnny Bones    Said...

The results of this survey really don't count for much in my opinion. They may all be fine amps but whether one is better than another is so subjective. The reason I say that is because it depends on who votes. If it was a bunch of metal players then they'll pick a certain amp. There's also the possibility someone could post a zillion votes for one particular amp since there was no need to register to vote. I also suspect votes went out for amps people don't even actually own. Whatever...

03-Dec-13 05:13 PM

Jimmy Page    Said...

Overpriced. Much better amps out for WAAAAY!! less

03-Dec-13 11:20 PM

GuitarinG    Said...

Awesome! Whoop!

04-Dec-13 11:51 AM

Simon    Said...

MI Audio Revelation and Megalith Beta. Flog all of these things.

15-Dec-13 09:55 PM

OxenBen    Said...

I have owned this amp since june. Absolutely love it, althought it is VERY bright, I have my treble knob almost all the way down, the mid is glassier than i am used to . I have a Moog Drive pedal in front for some boost/drive and when i want to really push it I have a vintage EHX Hot Tubes that really really makes this amp shine! On stage the valve switch and half power switch are both life savers as some sound guys see me take this out of the case and give me quite an evil eye. They have been shocked how well the internal attenuation works. A+ amp in my book.

19-Jan-14 06:55 PM

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