Gear of the Year RESULTS: Best Amplifier of 2013 Revealed

The results are in, and we can reveal the top five amps of 2013   03-Dec-13

1. Orange OR100

When a company with such an illustrious history announces a new 'flagship product', every guitarist's ears prick up.

The Orange OR100 is everything an amplifier should be, it's gutsy, loud, weighs a ton, it's in-your-face, and it will shake the foundations of any building even when running at 50 watts.

The variable wattage is a big selling point, meaning that if you buy this amp, and you are a fan of it's honestly incredible clean and overdrive tones, you will never really need to buy another amp again.

As long as you are strong enough to carry it, you can use it in your room, in the pub, in a concert hall, or at Glastonbury Festival.

It's the type of amp that will please the kind of guitarists who believe that a Les Paul, a jack cable, and a huge stack is the ultimate rig. But it does take effects beautifully, as demonstrated in our review from earlier this year.

And judging by some of the comments on that review, you agreed:

So, there you have it, the Orange OR100 is the winner of the amplifier category in this year's SonicState Gear of the Year Awards, and here's what they had to say upon hearing the news.

“We are so proud and honoured that SonicState and its readers have chosen the Orange OR100 as amplifier of the year 2013," Orange MD Damon Waller told SonicState.

"The OR100 represents our commitment to no compromise amplifier innovation with more than a nod to our heritage."

We agree - a very worthy winner.

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Johnny Bones    Said...

The results of this survey really don't count for much in my opinion. They may all be fine amps but whether one is better than another is so subjective. The reason I say that is because it depends on who votes. If it was a bunch of metal players then they'll pick a certain amp. There's also the possibility someone could post a zillion votes for one particular amp since there was no need to register to vote. I also suspect votes went out for amps people don't even actually own. Whatever...

03-Dec-13 05:13 PM

Jimmy Page    Said...

Overpriced. Much better amps out for WAAAAY!! less

03-Dec-13 11:20 PM

GuitarinG    Said...

Awesome! Whoop!

04-Dec-13 11:51 AM

Simon    Said...

MI Audio Revelation and Megalith Beta. Flog all of these things.

15-Dec-13 09:55 PM

OxenBen    Said...

I have owned this amp since june. Absolutely love it, althought it is VERY bright, I have my treble knob almost all the way down, the mid is glassier than i am used to . I have a Moog Drive pedal in front for some boost/drive and when i want to really push it I have a vintage EHX Hot Tubes that really really makes this amp shine! On stage the valve switch and half power switch are both life savers as some sound guys see me take this out of the case and give me quite an evil eye. They have been shocked how well the internal attenuation works. A+ amp in my book.

19-Jan-14 06:55 PM

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