Podcast: Sonic TALK 341 - Cubase 7.5 - Its Not Crickets

Gods Cricket Chorus, unpaid engineer, arena reverb   05-Dec-13

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60:22 mins


We start with a look at the new features of Cubase 7.5  - some cool sounding workflow improvements - the team there seem to be on a roll. Then the controversy that is Jim Wilson's Gods Cricket Chorus, the tale of the unpaid engineer and the EDM dance mix, then Georgia Dome ambience and general gig room problems.

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Rich Young    Said...

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVpeGHocO-JKZ2p2Ejn-l2eUIk27ZuS5p Check dis out, Nick :) Cheers Guru #1 (Rich)

10-Dec-13 07:55 AM

Cubase LOVER (well, before 6.5 anyway...)    Said...

Hey guys -- love the Sonic Talk as always -- but I'm not loving Cubase 7.5 any more. No -- not even with your stellar attempts at trying to make it seem less, uh, sucky. But hey -- props to you guys -- you have to USE the blasted software...


Seriously though -- I can't stand how the program looks -- let alone have to deal with the 100,000 new crummy "enhancements" that Steinberg has, once again, crammed into an ever-spiraling-downward hunk of bits and bytes. Maybe one of you could tell them "enough!" and get them to start SIMPLIFYING their already bloated UI -- instead of complicating it with more and more crap that nobody actually NEEDS...

16-Dec-13 12:27 PM

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