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Delora rsTouch Pro adds Reason Device Rack editing and more   17-Dec-13

Harmony Systems, Inc. has announced the worldwide availability of Delora rsTouch Pro, a major upgrade to their iPad application that provides control surface functionality for Propellerhead Reason on a Mac or PC. rsTouch Pro adds support for Reason Device Rack editing and a new 'perform' mode for sending MIDI to Reason instrument tracks.

rsTouch Pro works with Reason 6.5 or higher or Reason Essentials 1.5 installed on a Mac or Windows PC. It supports either "wired" MIDI connections using an iPad compatible USB MIDI interface, or "wireless" MIDI connections using iOS compatible network MIDI. Reason control surface support files are required and are available free from the Delora website.

Features & Benefits

Control 40+ built-in Reason synthesizer, mixer, effects & utility devices using customized screens optimized for iPad use. Use the new keyboard and drum pad layouts to play Reason synths and drum machines, or to record into a sequencer track.

rsTouch Pro builds upon its existing support of Reason's Mixer and transport functions. Record and mix songs, and make sound setting and level adjustments easily with large, multi-touch, color-coded rotaries and faders.  Edit send effects, insert parameters, and EQ settings, as well as adjust channel, pan and dynamics levels.  A dedicated Master screen allows full adjustments of Reason's Main Mixer Master section.

Pricing and Availability:

rsTouch Pro is available at a special sale price of $9.99 (USD) through December 29 on the iTunes App Store, and is a free upgrade for current rsTouch users.

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common man    Said...

ok. so i, uh, can use my ipad to control what is already easily controlled in front of my face. inherently, using one lcd screen to control yet another lcd screen (with the same or better amount of controls) already centrally located a foot away from my face seems very pointless. am i missing something. is there a real need here.

17-Dec-13 11:20 AM

Jazzkeys    Said...

I wish Propellerhead would make a 'Lite' version of Reason for Ipad.

17-Dec-13 01:17 PM

Guest    Said...

To common man:

All controller apps work wirelessly. Therefore you could be in a recording studio with say a piano, and be recording to, and controlling, a computer (Reason) in another room.

You should find another hobby because you are clueless.

17-Dec-13 01:20 PM

Guest    Said...

Hey Jazzkeys,

Have you seen Caustic 3.0 for iOS? It just came out. Its sure not Reason, but same concept and looks pretty cool. Impressive tutorial videos on YouTube.

17-Dec-13 01:27 PM

common man    Said...

to guest. i find it very hard to believe that a two room professional studio recording a live piano would choose reason as the software of choice, as well as having the player record himself. doesnt happen very often, no.

19-Dec-13 05:22 PM

Wisdom    Said...

To common man:

First of all, with technology these days, there are countless pianists out there creating class A recordings (CD's sold in stores) in their living room with a quality grand piano, a couple mics, an audio interface, and computer or iPad running a DAW. This is even true for complete bands.

Second, you obviously never used Reason, because it is capable of doing anything you could imagine, not to mention one of the most stable platforms on the market.

You are a Troll!

20-Dec-13 08:28 AM

common man    Said...

to wisdom. these imaginary class a recordings you mention dont exist. they are not on your ipod. or in anyones non existant cd player. you lie. it is possible, but not real.

22-Dec-13 01:53 PM

common man    Said...

oh and thats right, i have been a beta tester since reason 1.0 and infact have worked on a few preset libraries. so no, it is not that. i dont speak out of personal selfishness, especially when it comes to music.

22-Dec-13 01:57 PM

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