Podcast: Sonic TALK 343 - Xmas Show - Music and Song

Gaz performs, modular controllers, the big ear   18-Dec-13

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66:15 mins


Last show of the year, we'll be back on January 8th, we start with a fabulous Christmas performance from Gaz, we struggle to top that but Dave Spiers and Mark Tinley have a go with me feebly prodding the Korg Littlebits kit. We talk about the synthesizers.com modular controllers, then enjoy Hyperbubble's "All I want For Christmas Is A Synthesizer" then on to the discussion spawned from the Guardian's article about synths killing film and tv music. the Big Ear phone cover and then thats it. Happy Christmas and New Year to all our listeners!


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HT    Said...

Gutted I missed the live show.

Thanks for a great year of podcasts and all the best to the sonic chatties.

18-Dec-13 06:25 PM

Studio 139    Said...

Gaz was brilliant! Great show, very festive.

18-Dec-13 07:08 PM

BACH    Said...

That performance by Gaz was amazing! So much joy and happines thrown into one song all done by one man - wow.

This is so much better than the version I did on my Roland E-16 in my soundcloud Christmas calender. Huge thumps up, Mr. Williams!

And thanks for a great show, guys. I'm a new listener, but I've been catching up on old Sonic Talks on youtube lately and they're all great and often very informative as well.

19-Dec-13 03:01 AM

Antarchitecture    Said...

You were talking about really synth-y x-mas songs and I know one! It is in swedish but listen to the synthesizers!


20-Dec-13 09:16 AM

Matt_82    Said...

Venus Hum did a lovely Christmas EP http://venushum.bandcamp.com/album/switched-on-christmas-special-edition

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and happy New Year.

20-Dec-13 03:15 PM

asiohead    Said...

Fantastic show guys, made my day ! Amazing - one man band - performance from Gaz ! and a very happy xmas to you as well Mark & Nick, Gaz, Dave, Robbie, chatroom !

21-Dec-13 04:55 AM

KingVidiot    Said...

Damn, that CS-80 sounds great even over Skype. Nice performances on this episode. Great show as usual.

Synths vs. real instruments is a tired old argument. Wendy Carlos and Tomita proved the naysayers foolish many years ago. For some amazing orchestral stuff check out the YouTube demos for DVZ Strings. The composer designed it to mimic the different string sections and the live MIDI tweaking or the parts/styles would make Vangelis jealous. Of course the system costs about $10k, but in the hands of someone in the know it is impressive.

There are tons of synth x-mas songs. The most obvious is Band-Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas.

30-Dec-13 11:13 PM

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