Sonic Touch: Touchable 2 - Ableton Live Control

Gold award for this control software   16-Jan-14

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Hosts Gaz Williams - @gazgoldstar
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on touchscreen devices.

Gold awardWe are looking at Touchable 2 - the app dedicated to the control of Ableton Live 9. The level of control and amount of customization is really impressive as is the integration with Live. This update is rather mindblowing and worthy we feel of a covetted Sonic Touch Gold Award.

As ever, we look forward to your comments and suggestions - please leave them below.


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Meneer Vincent    Said...

Clear review and most impressing. I think actually this app is not so handy for my Ipad mini cause of all the overview? Although I am thinking of buying it... Wait for the Ipad Max?

16-Jan-14 05:35 AM


Unfortunately the award badge graphic looks terrible. From a design point of view as well as from a quality point of view. It actually looks like it's from 1995. Maybe get someone with a some graphic design background to smooth it out a bit. The type/text placement are the biggest problem. And there are very nasty jpg ompression artifacts all over it. You should at least replace it with a higher quality less jpg.

16-Jan-14 09:25 AM

Nick B    Said...

You are right! But right now we're prepping for NAMM, you sound like you know what your talking about, want to have a crack at it?

16-Jan-14 10:27 AM

Geronimo    Said...

Great review.I'm still trying to decide if this would augment Push, or if I should just push harder (sorry).

To the anonymous commenter who wishes to critique the award badge - are you taking a piss? Or just trying to GET PAID?

; )

16-Jan-14 11:28 AM

Fly    Said...

Brilliant review, guys. Seems like a no-brainer if you want Ableton Liver control on your iPad.

16-Jan-14 01:01 PM

Fly    Said...

Live control, that is. Not quite sure what Ableton Liver control is...!

16-Jan-14 01:02 PM

Frank    Said...

I think thats for acloholics...

I'm here all week

16-Jan-14 04:45 PM

Bob    Said...

Shove for lemur , that's all you need Free. Ish

16-Jan-14 06:45 PM

AbletonLover    Said...

Shove for lemur might be true BUT you have to purchase the lemur app and that's $50 bro

16-Jan-14 07:47 PM

Leslie    Said...

Love it :) I have owned Touchable since the day of their ver 1 release an never looked back. I did buy Lemur (just in case), but it just doesn't stack up to Touchable. Version 2 of Touchable just blows away all competition. Simply brilliant :)))

17-Jan-14 01:03 AM


Hi Guys, Sylvain from Zerodebug - TouchAble developers, if you have any specific questions regarding touchAble, please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page: if you want to have a deep look on all the functionalities, check the video guide:

17-Jan-14 07:20 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

You've both got me paranoid about waiting for an iPad maxi now.... some are saying March or April. I'm loving the features of this app, especially not having to fork out all that money on a Push.

17-Jan-14 10:46 AM


Great review! Bought it instantly. The Gui of the mixer alone is pure genius!!

20-Jan-14 01:40 PM

Peter    Said...

The vid seems to be down... any chance of repairing it?

11-Apr-16 03:37 PM

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