NAMM 2014: Live Guitar News Updates From Press Preview Day

It's NAMM's press preview day - and we're live blogging the whole thing!   22-Jan-14

NAMM 2014: Live Guitar News Updates From Press Preview Day

Hello and welcome to SonicState's coverage of the press preview day of NAMM 2014.

This is the day we get to see a small selection of the gear and being unveiled at this year's show - the day our excitement levels begin to overtake our exhaustion levels after our transatlantic flight to California.

We'll be filming videos with product specialists, and giving our verdict on what's hot and, erm, what's not so hot when it comes to NAMM guitar news.

Stay tuned on this live blog for the latest updates throughout the day from SonicState's guitar guys Rob Hicks and Rich Beech, as well as high levels of enthusiastic G.A.S., a dash of attempted wit, and just the slightest hint of good ol' British cynicism.

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Just a quick update - we're back in our NAMM hotel and have edited a load of video, we're just trying to get bandwidth to get these videos up onto YouTube so we can get the stories live


Well cor blimey! We just spent two hours with the guys from Fender filming lots and lots and lots of stuff.

SIX new Fender amps on video demo, new Gretsch geetars, new Charvel guitars, and some Fender Custom Shop action.

All we have to do now is edit it and upload it.

We did get free Coronas and Mexican food from Fender though. So that'll make the editing easier.


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Sweet mother of Hades…


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Here's another new product we've just taken a look at - the Touchmark touch sensitive pickup switching system.

We were really impressed by this, and managed to get an exclusive interview with the man who invented the technology.

Click here for the full story on the Touchmark, and to watch the video demo/interview.


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Sonuus Voluum taking the volume pedal to where the Wahoo went for wah wah.


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We just caught up with the guys at Fender for a look at their brand NEW American Deluxe Strat Plus.

The guitar has completely solderless electronics, and also comes with a slot for a personality chip - so you can add mods and upgrades simply by buying the chip from Fender and inserting it into the guitar.

For the full story, and to see a video demo from a Fender product expert, click here.


If there's any new product you want us to check out at NAMM 2014, then let us know on @SonicAmped on Twitter and we'll do our best to film it for you.

That's SonicState's Twitter page for guitar news.


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Video update from the NAMM press room - basically the flood of videos and stories is coming within the next 20 mins.


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Andy and I are sure Nick and Rich are doing something important…


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This is Rob. Rob has been editing video. Rob is stressed. This is the pose Rob will be assuming for the next five days.

Give it up for Rob Hicks, ladies and gentlemen.


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Those Orange cabs just get thinner every year… oh, wait.

Just as a reminder, we're here at the Press Preview day at NAMM. There's only a limited amount of product on display and this morning we've filmed some great demos.

We are now getting the videos up on our website and will be posting them here ASAP. Stay tuned.

We have an exclusive look at a new guitar touch sensitive pickup switching system called the TouchMark, which is really quite impressive. Video and full story coming very shortly.


New pedals from Mojo Hand FX - one of our favourite boutique pedal makers. The Dewdrop, the Mirror Ball, Speakeasy and the DMBL.

We'll have an exclusive demo of all of these pedals at NAMM.


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The new Ditto x2 looper from TC is on display - looks SEXY in real life. We're getting a demo tomorrow.


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Blackstar are hitting Namm in a big way, new products unveiled tomorrow.


I'm pretty sure this is actually the right way


Just in case you forget the URL currently at the top of your screen…


Video update!


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We are just having our morning coffee, then off to NAMM for badge pick up and press day. Looking forward to it.


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asiohead    Said...

Great guys, can't wait for some more vids. I see the Americans have supplied you with a 'gourmet buffet' haha. Have fun !

23-Jan-14 07:22 AM

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