NAMM 2014: Elektron Analog RYTM Drum Machine

Analog drum synth with sample layer   23-Jan-14

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Elektron teased us with a masked unboxing video on Monday, and shortly after, another video featuring ballet type dancers - anyone notice a theme? After the announcement of the Analog Keys, we weren't expecting any more products from them for a while. But they broke the mold and annouced the new RYTM - an 8 voice analog drum computer.

With the same parameter lock Elektron sequencer - with 12 tracks to manipulate. A new addition is also the 12 velocity sensitive pads - a new thing for Elektron, plus the Analog distortion and compression to fatten up the sound. Its a performance oriented beat machine according to the blurb.

We caught up with the effortlessly fluent in all things Elektron Cenk, who gave us a demo and showed the features.




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DBM    Said...

Video is privet !

23-Jan-14 12:04 PM

wtf    Said...

Awww! Private?

23-Jan-14 12:06 PM


Take it off private! I beg of you!!!!

23-Jan-14 12:29 PM

youtubeIQ    Said...

Just click on the iOS MP4 link, people :)

(yes, it's working for once)

23-Jan-14 12:30 PM

Reyescult    Said...

Now THAT'S the 'Evolution' of the drum machine!

23-Jan-14 01:04 PM

Bullart.    Said...

Don't make me show you my privates.

23-Jan-14 01:08 PM

Wilson    Said...

Some nice features and sounds great from what I could hear. On the down side, not the traditional 16 pad layout, and a bit pricey given some of the (albeit digital) competition.

23-Jan-14 01:08 PM

tmsmn    Said...

2 analog voices more than tempest plus samples for 300 euros less thean tempest. Doesnt sound overpriced to me.

23-Jan-14 01:42 PM

Apeirophobe    Said...

Got to agree. I think this is a very fair price and TBH less than I was expecting given the features.

23-Jan-14 01:46 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

this has left me utterly mystified and normally im either "yay" or "hmm..." Im not sure who ( or indeed whom) this is supposed to appeal to? The thing is, elektron's own machine drum in all it's flavours was and still is such a beautiful piece of kit, so is this to fit in with the au current line of products, with a similar UI and aesthetic ( component sharing, cost of manufacture etc) or.. I keep wanting to shrug my shoulders, so to speak

"You're nice, but a little bit strange" is the phrase that comes to mind.

23-Jan-14 04:08 PM

Kai    Said...

I have to say *only going on the video* they seem to have ripped off the Tempest. Although Tempest has 2 analogue oscillators and two digital oscillators / pcm samples per voice. At a glance Tempest has more features inc. 16 pads and more dedicated physical controllers per sound; Stereo outs for the 6 voices + 32 sounds per bank. I do envy the ability to load your own samples - but I have Ableton Live to accompany my Tempest.. Still - the proofs in the pudding - would like to have a play with it. AND the more competition in this space the more innovation and the better the products become!

24-Jan-14 12:56 AM

Lu    Said...

Great performance at the end, it's good to see more and more bridging between analog, digital, midi, audio, sampling in the products that are coming out this NAMM. Respect to the different technologies and what they do best.

24-Jan-14 03:24 AM

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