NAMM 2014: Alesis Wireless Keytar - Now Lower Price

Strut your stuff onstage with the updated Alesis Vortex with wireless USB MIDI   23-Jan-14

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NAMM 2014: Alesis Wireless Keytar - Now Lower Price

Alesis tells us that, a keytar for the modern performer, Vortex Wireless delivers unprecedented control and expression by transmitting MIDI via a wireless USB connection for dynamic on-stage freedom, and includes the virtual synthesizer plug-in Vortex-I Digital Virtual Instrument from software creator SONiVOX. In addition to 37 velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch--the keyboard features an assignable accelerometer (tilt-sensor) in the neck that can translate gestures into additional controls--adding vibrato when the neck is pulled up, for example. For additional control, Vortex Wireless provides 8 drum/trigger pads, 3 assignable knobs, a multimode ribbon controller, pitch bend wheel, and a volume slider.

Plugging the included USB receiver dongle into any MAC or PC establishes a live USB/MIDI link with the Vortex Wireless. There is also a standard MIDI output (5-pin) mounted in the Vortex Wireless for connecting to other MIDI-enabled equipment, such as a favorite hardware synthesizer. Vortex Wireless can run on batteries, USB bus power, or can be powered using an optional AC adaptor. Each Vortex Wireless also includes a USB cable with extension for the USB receiver dongle and 4 x AA batteries, so users can begin playing right away.

In addition, the Vyzex Vortex Patch Editor Software is also provided, making it easy to create, edit, and backup patches to your computer. Ableton Live Lite 8 Alesis Edition is also included.

Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar Highlights:

  • Combines expressive control with onstage mobility
  • 37 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch
  • 8 velocity-sensitive trigger/drum pads
  • USB dongle creates a wireless connection to any Mac/PC
  • Volume slider, pitch wheel, ribbon controller, sustain pedal jack
  • USB, battery, or external power; USB MIDI + 5-pin MIDI outputs
  • Includes SONiVOX Vortex I DVI and Ableton™ Live Lite Alesis Edition

Nate Lane, Product Manager at Alesis, tells us, "Nearly every keytar or remote keyboard has required a cable of one sort or another, be it power, MIDI, audio, or USB. With the Vortex Wireless, the player is truly free to move about at will. This onstage freedom allows the player to make the most of the onboard accelerometer and other extensive controls to create an original, expressive performance without the hassle of cables on stage."

Pricing and Availability:

Vortex Wireless will be available with an estimated street price of $199.99 USD

More information:


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Hmm    Said...

Drumpads are a touch overkill aren't they? Can't imagine anyone looking cool stabbing their fingers on them trying to do a drum part or trigger samples when you have a perfectly usable keyboard?

23-Jan-14 11:49 AM


Wow -- seriously -- that is AWESOME!!! I've wanted a wireless MIDI remote controller for years. Let's hope that Roland, Yamaha, Korg, et al will compete.

23-Jan-14 12:15 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

I love this, and the price is outstanding, I've never understand why other keytar makers can justify charging $1000+ for their offerings, well done Alesis.

24-Jan-14 03:07 AM

IzzyB    Said...

Except Korg's new Keytar is only $100 more, looks cooler, has TWO ribbon controllers, and isn't just a MIDI controller; it has the MicrokorgXL synth engine in it along with a 16 band Vocoder. Still, either way, unless you are in a retro electro 80s throwback band, you'll look like a douche wearing ANY Keytar!

25-Jan-14 10:19 PM

SylvStuart    Said...

Looks a lot like mine and I was one of the people that complained about the white. Mines wireless via midair hidden in the strap. Wonder what the effective range is on this one.

26-Jan-14 04:07 PM

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