NAMM 2014: Amped Live Blog - Day 2

Another big day   24-Jan-14

NAMM 2014: Second day of the NAMM 2014 show, and we're still going strong. We have a team of live bloggers bringing you what they see for all things guitar  - if you want to check out more tech see all our LIVE BLOGS.

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  • Michael Elsner - session guitarist and industry pro
  • Rob Hicks - valve fetishist and pedal head
  • Richard Beech - Amped editor
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This was cameraman Rob at Mojo Hand:

"Hey look, look, it's Mojo Hand FX, hey Rich look, look."

Demos of their FOUR new pedals on the way later today.

We know, we know - we are way too good to you guys.


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Rich interviews Orianthi at the Dean Markley booth…no pressure then ;)


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This is one mad German scientist. Cristoph Kemper.

He stole Rich's microphone, and then started to turn the interview round on Rich by asking him "How do you feel?"

As well as a Brit and German, we also had Swedish guitarist John Huldt demonstrating the new updates on the Kemper (including pitch shift and a cool new way of doing tap tempo), so THIS is what happens when you put a German, a Brit and a Swede in a room together (with a guitar and a profiling amp).

Click here to watch the (highly entertaining) video.


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Here’s the video we promised - Earl Slick (guitarist for David Bowie) playing the new 65Amps Whiskey.

Definitely worth a watch - click here to view the video.


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We caught up with the guys from Vox to film the new Night Train G2 range.

Don't write these things off as practice amps, they have extraordinarily beautiful clean tones, and filthy rich high-gain distortion tones.

Plus, Freddy DeMarco was demonstrating the amp and he's a GREAT guitarist.

Check out the video by clicking here (DON'T click the image above because it's a poster frame, not a video - just to confuse you)!


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So this is Earl Slick, David Bowie's guitarist, and Dan Boul (owner of 65Amps) playing through the new 65Amps Whisky.

This was a pretty amazing moment, and we got it all on video.

Video coming soon!


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Just did our live video webcast with Presonus. We do this every morning so be sure to go for 9:40am and check it out.

As always if there's anything you'd like us to check out at the show then feel free to tweet us @SonicAmped and give us a nudge.

There's so much going on here that it's sometimes hard to get round and see all of the best gear.


Good morning world! We are up and at 'em for day two of NAMM - the day when our voices grow croakier, our legs grow weaker, and our Gear Acquisition Syndrom grows stronger.

We have an appointment with 65Amps early this morning to check out their new high(er) gain Whisky amplifier. Really looking forward to that.

We also have an interview with Orianthi, and lots of interviews with product specialists at some of the biggest guitar companies in the world.

Stay tuned, it's going to be a great day.


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All industry Drum Circle going on now? Trombone Circle Sunday Ukulele Circle Sunday

24-Jan-14 09:24 PM

Daveinrichmond    Said...

Wow, great interviews Rich!

24-Jan-14 09:45 PM

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