NAMM 2014: Avid S3L Live Desk - Chat With Product Manager

Compact Live system uses Venue software at core   28-Jan-14

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We like to keep up with what Avid are doing in the Live Sound area, their Venue system has revolutionized the market, being able to take studio DSP processing and apply it to the live sound, means acts have a shorter production cycle taking things live - if they started in Pro Tools.

Additionally the innivation of virtual sound check also runs through the entire ragne including the new (relatively) S3L compact live system. With HDX DSP at its core and a compact control surface, the footprint can be even smaller when touring with space/weight contraints.

Its not for the cheapskate though the system does start at around $18k but when compared to other hardware with simillar capabilities, its got a niche. Add to that you can run your show files from larger systems should you be downsized.

  • S3 control surface
    • Compact 16-fader surface, with six bankable layers
    • 32 touch-sensitive encoders and high-resolution OLEDs
    • Multicolor Channel Control parameter section for fast mix adjustments
    • Full complement of I/O (see Specifications)
    • Dual Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports, featuring latching etherCON connectors
    • EUCON-enabled for Pro Tools and other DAW control (feature coming soon)
    • USB connections for a keyboard and mouse (not included)




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hiltonius    Said...

i have "video bombed" this rather significantly LOL

28-Jan-14 11:35 PM

Champ    Said...

I see the guy from avid doing his talk...wait is that....back to the controller... wait who is that in the back...a yes the controller from wait..I'm confused.

Damn you Rich (or I think its you.) Now I have to watch all over gain. :p

29-Jan-14 08:28 AM

John Y    Said...

Got my S3L 2 months ago and could not be happier. Best purchase decision Ive made equal to solely using KV2 gear years ago. Quite a bit more to learn that running yamaha digital console but well worth the effort.

29-Jan-14 08:22 PM

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