30 years Of Steinberg

German audio and music software and hardware company contemplate their past, present and future   10-Feb-14

30 years Of Steinberg

Steinberg, inventors of Cubase, ASIO and VST, are 30 years old this year. Celebrating three decades of innovation and experience, they have sent us the following press release...

Thirty years ago, nearly to the day, Manfred Ruerup and Karl Steinberg founded the company that has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of music and audio software and hardware, with more than 1.5 million users worldwide.

"Steinberg have a tradition of pioneering in new technologies that we can be proud of, and our wide network of accomplished engineers, musicians, producers and composers allows us to keep our fingers at the pulse of the industry," comments Frank Simmerlein, marketing director at Steinberg. "I've been a part of this company for a long time and it's wonderful to sense that the spirit of the early days, the constant desire to find new ideas and solutions, lives on."

Steinberg have released many products and technologies throughout the years. The advanced music production system, Cubase, arrives in 1989 and will define a completely new musical generation. The WaveLab audio editing and mastering suite is introduced in 1995. Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and the Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) protocol are two open standards first released in 1997. Designed to meet the requirements of pro audio customers comes Nuendo, a digital audio workstation that hits the market in 2000, followed by the first integrated virtual sampler, HALion, in 2001. In 2008, the close cooperation between Steinberg and Yamaha comes into fruition with a new generation of hardware products.

Since 2005, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of audio hardware.

Providing award-winning media production tools for musicians and producers of music and video, Steinberg now offer over 30 products some of which have won world acclaim and form the backbone of facilities specializing in music composition and production, mastering, broadcast, sound design and audio post-production.

Steinberg's president Andreas Stelling says: "The great history and traditions that this company holds constantly reminds me of Steinberg's significance in the MI and pro audio industry. We're well aware of our legacy of engineering excellence, and with Yamaha as our parent company, we will be able to perpetuate this legacy in the many years to come."

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Mattsynth    Said...

I have been using Cubase for over 19 years. I started with Studio Vision software from Opcode many many years ago. Studio Vision was a great studio software and was one of the first to offer digital audio recording. Eventually they went out of business in the mid 90's. That is when I switched to Cubase and have never change since. I have tried many other DAW but always went back to Cubase. Cubase reminds me of an old school recording studio. It works the same way but digitally. I just love that about Cubase. Bravo Steinberg have a happy 30th.

10-Feb-14 01:23 PM

Paul    Said...

Many congratulations, Steinberg!!! I have been using Cubase since 2001 and still very happy. Now how about some 30th Anniversary deals (like free upgrades, maybe?) :)

10-Feb-14 01:43 PM

Ignatius P. Shrike    Said...

yeah, Cubase Score was my first ever DAW, back in '95. My first computer too. Halion was my first PC sample player, prob in about 2002. All seems so long ago now! Happy memories. Thanks Steinberg!

10-Feb-14 03:05 PM

brandonacab@hotmail.com    Said...

Steinberg, please make an anniversary edition of early cubase 'MIDI ONLY' that is all some of us want. A midi only stable pc /laptop /windows sequencer would be stunning. There is a market.

10-Feb-14 05:40 PM

Cynic    Said...

"the first integrated virtual sampler, HALion, in 2001" Um, no... EXS24 was integrated into Logic the previous year.

10-Feb-14 08:29 PM

relevant    Said...


never mind the horrid interface... the video interviews are interesting :)

11-Feb-14 11:34 AM

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