Podcast: Sonic TALK 347 - Modular and Here Comes AIRA

Dope Matrix, 30 Years of Cubase   13-Feb-14

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72:27 mins


We welcome iZotope as a show sponsor - be sure to check our their new Break Tweaker - a new drum instrument made in conjunction with BT.

We're in reminiscent moode today as we first enjoy the excellent trailer for Dope Matrix, then we celebrate 30 flippin years of Steinberg, and all the memories it excavates as you can imagine given the cummulative experience of our panel its a rich vien of material. Then we talk about the forthcoming AIRA series from Roland, and I struggle to contain myself - I have several of them here for review right now!
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Dave Spiers    Said...

Re the Steinberg section. Sorry, I meant to say "Cubeat was the first Steinberg sequencer I had", not Cubasis

Also, the first software sequencer I owned was Sonus Super Sequencer for the Commodore 64



13-Feb-14 07:25 AM

5SN    Said...

Really enjoyed the show guys! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it, it's great.

13-Feb-14 03:39 PM

Seven    Said...

Great show guys Really loving my analog stuff it CERTAINLY has more heart than my digital stuff....really sad to hear Roland has not went head to head with Korg, Props to Korg you are a shining beacon of hope for tech music and purism combined!

14-Feb-14 02:30 AM

Aaron    Said...

Another great show. I enjoy hearing about earlier tech and development.

By the way, last week's show was also excellent. I enjoyed hearing Rich Beech talk about guitar stuff and Corry give his perspective on NAMM. I hope you have them both on again.

Finally, I want to say it was great to see Nick, Rich and other SonicStaters again at NAMM. It was also an honor to meet Rich Hilton.

14-Feb-14 04:29 PM

OnImpulse    Said...

Got a question for Gaz, what's the name of the portable speaker you use?

Thanks, OnImpulse

16-Feb-14 02:03 PM

Gaz    Said...

The portable speaker I use is called a Minirig made here in Bristol!

20-Feb-14 08:27 AM

OnImpulse    Said...

Thanks Gaz.

25-Feb-14 03:20 PM

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