Gibson Announces Billy F. Gibbons Goldtop

Limited run of 300 guitars only, with 50 hand-signed by the Rev   14-Feb-14

Gibson Announces Billy F. Gibbons Goldtop

Gibson Custom has announced the Billy F. Gibbons Goldtop. THey tell us that 150 Billy F. Gibbons Goldtops will be carefully hand-aged, with 50 of them played and hand-signed by Billy himself; each of these will have the added kitsch of a Texas-shaped "buckle rash" wear pattern adorning its back. A further 150 VOS models round out the Limited Run of 300 guitars.

A spokesperson told us, "The first ground-up revision of Gibson's stunning original solidbody electric in over 60 years is a masterpiece of style. In addition to its luscious goldtop finish, it features a unique pinstripe design created by Billy himself, which is hand-recreated one at a time by respected hotrod-pinstripe artist Rick Harris and a Gibson artist trained personally by Rick. Sonically and visually, the guitar blows the doors off the venue with a neck profile measured precisely from the Rev's own Les Paul, ultra-light construction, custom electronics, and a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups."

Pricing and Availability:

From $5,665

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Dooby Scoo    Said...

Where's the fur?

14-Feb-14 06:03 AM

Steve Rowloff    Said...

Well...I've been looking for a Gibson Les Paul lately...and as I am a lifetime fanclub member of the original ZZ Top International Fanclub...I nwas thinkin' how ultimately cool it would be if Billy would just haul off and lay one of these bad boys on me. Heck, I'd even let him take a picture of me with him and it. Sounds lets rock! Yeah!

14-Feb-14 05:17 PM

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